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Marocco MCT1902

Monday, November 11, 2019 | Dieter Arnoth / Angela / Arild Korstadhagen | Africa / Europe

Preparing the Morocco tour

The bikes are ready
...and Dieter is ready too !

Guided city tour in Málaga

Beatrice and Jürg from Switzerland spent the day visiting the beautiful old town of Málaga, together with Angela.

Riding day 1 - Málaga to Ceuta

Finally, we are getting ready to start our ride. Morocco - we are coming !!
Of course, we know exactly where we are going and what we are doing
Bill, Donald, and Martin at the first coffee stop. Already cooperating well together, trying to solve some helmet issue !
Great to have a Spanish guest in the group - Martin selected the tapas for lunch, and he made excellent choices.
Beth and Bill are enjoying the view from the cable car up to "the Rock"
So did Nancy and Donald.
It was a tight squeeze, but just enough room in there for Arild to get a selfie with Stephan, Uwe and Martin.
While the group is enjoying their rides and a visit to the Rock of Gibraltar, Angela went to Algeciras, organizing the ferry ride over to the African continent
...saying good bye to Europe.

Riding day 2 - Ceuta to Chefchaouen

Morning in Ceuta
Chefchaouen - the blue village

Riding day 3 - Chefchaouen to Mohammedia

Ethan and Dan is relaxed before the days ride.
Beth is ready...
so is Bill...
and both Nancy and Uwe.
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And here they go!
No, no, no. Not in our group!
Todays van driver was Arild, and he was happy to have a co-driver today. Thanks for your company Stephan!

Riding day 4 - Mohammedia to Marrakesh

Some of us skipped Casablanca and went bu Al Jaidida to have a look at the old port that the Portuguese built as a "supply station" for there merchant fleet and explorers.
On our way to Marrakesh we stopped for some cold drinks and a rest.

Rest day in Marrakesh

"Restday" doesn't mean that the bikes must rest. The young guns took their bikes on a preview of the Atlas mountains. Found a ski resort...
...some very nice curves...
...saw some safran flowers and got an understanding for why safran is a very expensive spice...
...and even got to test the bikes on some gravel (no Tobias, that is not a gravel road - it's a paved road with some road work sections).
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In the evening we went into town...
...befor we ended the day with a nightcap by the hotel pool.

Marrakesh to Ait Benhaddou

The first section of todays ride was a little exhausting due to lots of road work. At the first coffee stop Jürg and Uwe took the opportunity to relax together with the locals.
It's beginning too look a lot like... Marocco!
Time for lunch!
Starting with some "long" tea, and some...
..chill (warm day), and some...
...laid back relaxing.
Then some tajins, and some...
...newly picked clementines.
Ali showed Bill (and the rest of us) the beautiful remains of the Kasbah in Telouet, that once was the seat of a rich and mighty Berber community.
The day ended in a very nice Kasbah-style hotel with a beautiful garden in Art Benhaddou.

Ait Benhaddou to Boumalne Dades

Yes, the van got washed today.
Otherwise - more content to follow
Gorge de Dades
Greg relaxes in the pool

Boumalne Dades to Erfoud

Today we went into the Todra Gorge.
We also came out again.
This is how happy Greg is when he gets to ride a Ducati in the gorge.
And the we needed a cup of coffee to prosess all the impressions from the gorge.
Angela was preparing a picnic in the desert area between Thinrir and Rissani. Even though there are not yet any sand dunes to be seen, the area is pretty dry already. Plants such as these Argan trees have perfectly adapted to the dry climate.
And because it is so dry and hot, we can get the prepared food out of the cooling boxes only once the motorcyclists have arrived.
And then everything goes very quickly The hungry bikers have arrived, and they are "cleaning" the plates within no time
A relaxed place under the Argan trees
Great spot for a dessert-style picnic.
Greg takes off from todays last coffee break, followed by...
Daniel, and
Before we reach today's final destination amidst the sand dunes of the Erg Chebbi, we get to meet our new "vehicles"
It was easy making the camels' acquaintance
Once saddled and installed, we started to ride into the desert
Passing by the last buildings of the desert city Merzouga, there was nothing else to see but sand.
Our two guides Moubarak and Ziz
Everyone appreciated the break we took to see the sunset. A few "ooohhhs" and "aaaouuuchs" echoing in the dunes...
Greg, our sand sandal pro !
We reached our camp on the other side of the big sand dunes at dark. What a great and mind-relaxing ride!
Our camp
Hot Berber tea as a welcome drink
Yes, there is, indeed, a "desert bathroom"
We had a delicious dinner in our "restaurant Berber tent"
As close as it can get to a "disco"
The spectacular starry desert sky!

Restday Erfoud

It is an early rise for us, and even the camel seems to say "Are you really sure you wanna do this??"
So we start the day by riding our camels up the near sand dunes to enjoy the sunrise in the desert
But the last few steps up to the top of the highest sand dunes require our own muscle power
The reward, though, is breathtaking!
Another two hours of "butt muscle training" and we are back to the hotel. Quietly, very quietly, everyone is looking forward to breakfast

From Erfoud to Fes

Marking the maps with todays route.

From Fes to Erfoud

Morning briefing in beautiful weather.

Erfoud to Malaga

On the last coffee stop of the tour, Stephan decided to go all in an make i special. And he bought one for the guide to - thanks Stephan!
Following the loading of the ferry in Ceuta.
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von Waldburg Gabriele
Tuesday, October 29, 2019 at 17:28

Liebe Angela
Wünsche Dir eine gute Fahrt und viel Sonne! Ich schwelge bei den Bildern in schönen Erinnerungen!
Alles Liebe!
Angela de Haan
Tuesday, October 29, 2019 at 22:44

Hallo liebe Gaby,
Danke dir, ich genieße Marokko ebenfalls mit schönen Erinnerungen an unsere Tour. Morgen gehts nach Marrakesch.
Sonnige Grüße an dich in die Schweiz,


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