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CPO2101 From Paris to Omaha

Tuesday, August 24, 2021 | Angela / Jan Van der Jagt | Europe

Day 1 - Guided City Tour Paris

Our two guests, Sharon and Ken from the USA, had decided to start the tour from Paris to Omaha properly - by touring the city of Paris with our famous tour guide Pablo who also lives in Paris.

With the Eiffel tower being the most famous sight of Paris, Ken and Sharon started their walking tour. They also were lucky to have a really beautiful sunny day.
Of course, you could also be buzzing around Paris by side car motorcycle. But Sharon and Ken continued walking

Day 2 - Paris to Tours

The next morning the tour finally started. Tourguides Jan and Angela took nine riders from the United States and two riders from Cyprus out of Paris to explore the northwestern region of France with them. Every rider was looking very much forward to start the ride.
France has some curiosities to offer ... this is a fir tree that has its branches growing downwards. It almost resembles a mysterious creature's home
Even though we are nowhere near the French region of La Provence ...
... we found some lavender fields and the smell was bewitching. Here are our flower power girls Janice, Sharon, Shanique and Stefani
The Chateau de Maintenon
It became so hot in the afternoon that we had to have a cool down break before our next highlight of the day. Shanique, Sharon and Ken are enjoying their cold beverages
And here we have a familiar face on Edelweiss tours John from the USA
Janice and Jim happy in the shade
Stefani and Theodor from Cyprus - welcome to the Edelweiss family
The main highlight of the day was Chateau de Chambord, the largest of the many castles situated on the river Loire. It has been built in the early 16th century by King Franz I., and has mainly served as a hunting castle.
Along the way to our destination we caught an impressive view of the city of Blois with its beautiful medieval buildings

Day 3 - Tours to Angers

Starting the ride in the city of Tours
Organisational reasons made the support van to come to Le Mans as well.
At the famous Le Mans racetrac

Day 4 - Angers to Carnac

On our way out of the city of Angers we caught a view of its castle 'Chateau de Angers'
Our coffee stop was quite something. The only place that was open in the area has been this one. With a bakery next door.
It turned out that this place belonged to this cute lady. She brewed coffee for us and it was very interesting to listen to her stories.
John, of course, had to try out the Ladie's "latest fashion" on display
The highlight of the day were the submarine bunkers in Saint Nazaire.
Great views from the top of the bunker.
Tour guide Jan was safe-guarding the bikes in the meantime
Closer towards our tonight's destination we were passing by the salt marshes of La Guerande
The 'Fleur du Sel' being the most popular produce of the salt marshes
Happy birthday Reva !!
Jan welcomed Reva at the hotel with a birthday cake
A perfect dinner after a great ride from Angers to Carnac.

Day 5 - rest day in Carnac

Meeting the locals
The menhirs of Carnac
The main attraction of the rest day's ride was the 'Chateau de Josseline'. Angela was starting with the early birds and Jan took the later group on a beautiful ride
Janice and Jim totally enjoyed the castle and especially the beautiful countryside
The impressive castle of Josseline
On a stroll through the ancient village of Josseline
For lunch we had a typical French Galette, basically, a whole grain pancake filled with what ever you want it to be filled.
Also along our way - the Cathedral of St. Anne d'Auray

Day 6 - Carnac to Carantec

Today, the famous Edelweiss picnic was set up near the Atlantic beach
At the end of our ride into Carantec we were welcomed by a stunning view from our very beautiful hotel
WOW!! The dinner was far beyond imagination !! Everyone in the group was amazed by the superb dinner !!
No, this is not a soufflé
A very light tip with the spoon on the surface cracked open the surprise dessert below

Day 7 - Carantec to Saint Malo

This morning's sunrise promises to turn the day into another beautiful riding day

Day 8 - Saint Malo to Bayeux

On-route between Saint Malo and Bayeux lies the second most visited site in France: Mont Saint Michel with its tiny ancient settling and a cathedral on the very top of the rock
Our very early arrival allowed us to start our visit with a yet limited amount of other people
The view from the top of Mont Saint Michel at low tide
Inside the Saint Michel cathedral
The view of Mont Saint Michel from the picnic spot
Jan's great Picknick near Saint Michel.
In the afternoon we could make one of our riders very happy: it was Jim's goal on the tour to visit the little village of Saint Fromond, which has been part of one of the battles at the end of WW II

Day 9 - rest day in Bayeux

Today, we had our second rest day on tour in Bayeux. We left the bikes parked at the hotel and took the opportunity of a guided tour to some of the WW II places. First we went to Pointe Le Hoc
On a spot like this, the Germans had placed the anti-aircraft guns
Bunkers like this one here served as a protected watch-out for the German soldiers along the Atlantic Wall
This picture shows pretty well the field of bombardment and the bomb craters around us
Our group at Omaha Beach
When our guide started to explain the battles that were going on, her "picture" in the sand was pretty visible...
... after she had finished, it resembled more like a battlefield. A very impressive explanation
Our last visit of the D-Day sights today was the American Cemetery in Colleville sur Mère
Honouring the heroes at this American cemetery

Day 10 - Bayeux to Etretat

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Getting ready for the penultimate riding day
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After the group has left for their ride, Sharon and Angela went to see the famous Tapesty museum of Bayeux. The tapestry is 68 meters long and shows the conquest of England in the 11th century by Willhelm the conquerer
At the famous Cafe Gondrée, next to the Pegasusbridge, we had our coffee ☕
The Café Gondrée certainly has a special touch as everything is still as it used to be back in those days. A place full of memories. In the final days of WW II this little house was the first building to be liberated by the British paratroopers. And what is really amazing, the lady you'll find working in the little kitchen is the, back then 4 year old girl, who has an abundance of stories to share.
And the food was good in Honfleur. What a nice town that is. Beautiful houses along the harbour and fishermen coming back from the sea with their catch.
Arriving at our hotel after a beautiful ride, crossing the big Normandie bridge, this is our view: the famous cliffs of Etretat.

Day 11 - Etretat to Paris

Last briefing of the tour. What a view!
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And there we go!
The village we stopped for coffee revealed the ancient but unfortunately ruined Abbaye de Jumièges.
It was founded in the year 654 by Saint Philibert. Over the long period of time the Benedictine monastery has seen both prosperous times as well as destruction and decay. Today, the remains of the building belong to the French department of Seine-Maritime, which uses it as a location for concerts and other events.
The last highlight of our last tour day was something special, too. We went to see Claude Monet's house and flower garden which were the inspirational source of the impressionist painter
The ladies are missing in the picture but there it is - the famous water lily pond with the boat
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