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Authentic Cuba - 4CB2305

Monday, November 13, 2023 | Holger Homann | North and South America

La Habana

Welcome to the Authentic Cuba tour and welcome to our guests Alice and Tony, Bernd, Bernd and Daniel!

Cuba, really authentic I have to admit , interesting with beautiful charme and lovely people!

And so our guests on this adventure through Cuba!

La Habana impressions...

The Capitolio of La Habana in the background...similar to the Capitol in Washington, both are based on the Pantheon in Paris

And here we are on our guided city tour with Alice, Tony and Nelson Sloppy Joe's which was a magnet for American celebrities in the 40s and 50s as and described as "one of the most famous bars in the world" with "almost the status of a shrine."

instead of begging getting some money for fotos with the tourists

Our lunch today..

before we went to the Plaza de la revolucion, built under Batista and used by Fidel Castro frequently for his speeches

La Habana - Vinales

Here we go! Picking up the motorcycles at our garage

...and leaving for the Sierra del Rosario

Our nice lunchstop...of course with life music. That's Cuba!

The weather and the roads...interesting as well

Showers and strong wind, actually not the season for it...

Vinales - Las Terrazas

Our lovely Casa Tamargo in Vinales...

Bernd with la madre y la abuela..such nice and open hearted people

And this beautiful nature around us with its mogotes - karst limestone formations sprinkled into the landscape similar to which one can find in Laos or Vienam as well

At the Mural de la Prehistoria, painted by Leovigildo Gonzales Morillo in 1961, 120m high and a width of 160m which is about the findings of fossiles and traces of dinosauriers in the area of Vinales

Bernd participating in a Salsa class )

Our first tobacco farm visit, growing the leaves for cigars

In the holy halls, un humidor for storing the cigars

Las Terrazas - Cienfuegos

Early briefing and go. Today we have to cover a longer distance to Cienfuegos

and the fueling interesting process on Cuba!

At Playa Giron where the invasion and the planned overthrow of Castros regime completely failed

Bernd found at this small booth a rum for his collection at home

Cienfuegos - Trinidad

A view of Cienfuegos from our hotel and now we will go for a small city tour...

The other Bernd found his holy halls in a beautiful cigar shop, he is quite an expert in this field

What was experiencia echa de gasolina

back in the subtropical jungle of the Sierra de Escambray

a hike to El Nicho

...just beautiful, for the next 2 hours we are practically alone on the road in these beautiful mountains

Our very nice dinner in the evening in Trinidad


After a good breakfast we toured Trinidad

One of the typical bodegas where locals get their supplies...

This guy...always joking

In the afternoon our guests went to Playa Ancon, a nice beach close by at the Carribean sea

Trinidad - Remedios

In the morning we visited the Hacienda Torre Iznaga in the valle de los ingenios, on which in the 18th and 19th century over 30.000 slaves worked on the sugar cane plantations and in the mills

Today one can climb the steep wooden staircases the past it was the look out and for controlling the hard labor

Congratulations Alice!

Continuing our way to Santa Clara we visted the Monumento-Memorial Che Guevara. This monument was created in 1988 but not until 1997 that Che's exhumed remains were transferred to Cuba.

another great lunch stop on our tour...

We stopped at a cigar factory and made a very interesting tour through it. However, one cannot take pictures here..

In Remedios we were lucky that we were able to enter the main church, built in 1550. Nowadays the oldest remaining church on Cuba.

the lovely main square where we had a sundowner

And our dinner in our La Estancia developing to a maridaje,

the tasting of rum and cigars. What a beautiful evening!

Nice picture Alice!

Remedios to Varadero

In the morning a visit to the Museo de Azucar, a sugar mill from the past times...impressive

Daniel and Bernd...

After we went for a longer ride, agriculture changing with villages, sometimes more and sometimes less traffic but always something to see on or beside the road

Varadero to La Habana

Fotostop at the puente de Bacunayagua...

..passing the beautiful Playa Jibacoa and having a stop in the small town Cojimar, a preferred hangout spot of Ernest Hemingway. The fishermen here to which he had a close relationship were his inspiration for the "The old man and the sea"

At the Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro...and opposite side is Havana viejo already! Slowly our nice adventure comes to an end

With Alice, Tony, Bernd and Daniel, La Habana in the background

A final stop at the end of the Malecon before riding back to the garage.

Thank you very much for a great tour with delightful people through a very interesting and beautiful country, unique on this earth!

Safe travels and see you again somewhere on this planet




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Sunday, November 12, 2023 at 13:44

Thanks a lot for this amazing and interesting trip on Cuba. We faced a lot of adventures and some challenges. But we did it!
Special thanks to Holger and Anivar for guiding us through this very special country.
Also a big thanks to the nice traveler group. We really had fun and enjoyed every moment.
Cuba is very interesting and diverse in landscape, history and culture. We entered beautiful cities, forests, hills and beaches. The traffic is low and reserved. Mostly other traffic participants look to each other. Very nice to drive. Street conditions are not the best. But that made an adventure out of it. The people are very friendly and open. And they know how to make party.
See you on the next tour again!
Holger Homann
Monday, November 13, 2023 at 18:14

Hello Daniel,
thank you very much! It was a pleasure for us being your guides on this beautiful and cool tour! Always again.
Our best wishes and enjoy some more wonderful days on Cuba!
Sunday, November 5, 2023 at 19:38

Hi to Holgee and all of you,

I hope you all are enjoying Cuba as I do when I've looked at your all posted pictures. The city and people there look interesting and charming. Only the weather is a bit wet there...but it's the same here in Germany and many countries in Europe.
I wish you all a lovely and interesting trip in Cuba.

Take care
Holger Homann
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 at 23:41

Hello Ying,
thank you very much! We enjoy a lot and the weather is with in Trinidad sunshine all day long.
Our best wishes from Cuba!


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