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Riding Academy Tenerife 6CI2402

Sunday, February 11, 2024 | Harald Pramhofer | Europe

escape the winter and dive in to spring - on Tenerife

the practice

stylish with the perfect viewing technique
left corners sometimes go more easy than right handers - therefore we practice
tight corners are tough
maneuver in perfect style
push your bike down to avoid obstacles
everybody is doing well, since all were already on other academys before
after the training a first taste of Canary road feeling

the loops

a "Cortado" in a nice coffeeshop
ready for more fun roads
Los Gigantes in the front and the background
Teide is still there - since 12 million years
impressive landscapes around the volcano
not to forget the TF-28
if you look closely you see three bikers on the horizon
Icod with its beautiful old buildings

the tour - La Gomera

the ferry and La Gomera are waiting for us
with nobby tires I could try it
in the laurel tunnel
Steve had no fear
platform has a glass bottom......
where are the others - did someone jump?
lunch with the sound of breaking waves
Valle Gran Rey - beachfeeling
a room with a view - Jardin Tecina
next morning with clear views
what a view
finally we had to go back to Tenerife
this time the mirador of Chirche was open und we got fresh squeezed juices
normally this parking is full of tourists, this time trusting goats and cheeky crows
the Masca Canyon didn't like us, not much to see so we had to turn around
for the farewell dinner Steves wife Chris joined us
all in all - a piece of cake
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Thursday, February 15, 2024 at 15:45

Fantastic few days Harald! Great riding with you, Andi and Felix.
Harald Pramhofer
Tuesday, February 20, 2024 at 10:52

Just finished the Atlantic Mountains Extreme #2. I'm glad you enjoyed the riding with me and I hope to see you again on another tour. Stay safe and thanks to you, Harald
Wednesday, February 14, 2024 at 09:28

Hi Harald, Danke fürs betreute und gepflegte Kurvenräubern, hat wirklich sehr viel Spaß gemacht!


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