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Atlantic Mountains Extreme 4CI2402

Tuesday, February 20, 2024 | Harald Pramhofer | Europe

carnival on the Canary Islands and lots of fun on thousands turns

day 1 - La Gomera is waiting with an unexpected surprise

the laurel forest is known as the cloud forest
the hang glider just started with best aerodynamics
red soil, blue water, perfect view
on the way...
.....into the Valle Gran Rey
seafood next to the Atlantic Ocean
after taking this picture a big wave went over the wall
on this Monday the carnival in San Sebastian reached its peak
Brenda and Victor dancing with white dressed residents of La Gomera

day 2 - Tenerife and Teide is our target

the mayor is posing on the morning loop on La Gomera
looking from this terrace you shouldn't fear from hight
Claus in front of the cathedral (lava dome)
impressed by this archaic landscape
diving into the Masca Canyon
the Teno Mountains were friendly to us, no tourist traffic
Masca - the village

day 3 - Anaga Mountains and a little bit of Gran Canaria

early in the morning the sun was low, and the roads empty
burned trees from last fall
Brenda and Victor with sapiens highest peak
Alberto in the morning sun and not a single cloud
a new definition of "fast food" was born
the ferry is not waiting, you got 15 minutes......
the Anaga Mountains - Tenerifes most northern point
climbing up the GC-70 to our destination for the next two days
to reach the Parador Hotel "Cruz de la Tejeda" with this sunset

day 4 - today Gran Canaria only

today no luggage, just pure enjoyment
Victor at Bandama crater with his 360° camera, in the back the capitol Las Palmas
coffee in the cave, of course a cortado
Chris on top - "I am the king of the world"
perfect distant view - Roque Nublo and Teide in the back (70mi)
enjoying the GC-605 descending to the lunch place
for these roads you should have a least a little experience like Claus
before food comes - a quick look at the recently taken fotos
"gambas ajillo" - garlic shrimp
the three musketeers - Stefan, Chris and Victor
2000 ft above see level - GC-200
in the outdoor pool above the clouds - what a luxury
the next morning we have to say "goodbye" to this beautiful place

day 5 - chill out on Tenerife

first we have to get to the ferry in Agaete
enough time for a "cortado" and to discuss the recent impressions
the ferry just arrived - ready for boarding
discussion continues...
if you get into the groove on the TF-28 its hard to stop
but finally we did stop on "the sunshine loop" in Vilaflor for the last "Helado"
spring and sun is always there on "The Atlantic Mountains"
come and find out, its breathtaking
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