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Tourguide Training 2024

Sunday, February 25, 2024 | Lars Wuestman / Mark Zaremba | Europe

The 2023 & 2024 ourguides are gering ready for the upcoming season

Today marks the commencement of our tour guide training for the year 2024. The majority of us arrived the day before, providing us with the opportunity to catch up on the tours undertaken by the 2023 tour guide group last year.

Day 1

For the newcomers in 2024, this served as a chance to listen to some of the stories and gain an understanding of what they should anticipate. Perhaps even sharing a single beer together.


On the first day, we were all eager and ready to begin at 9 am. Following introductions by the office staff, we took our seats and commenced the program.


Tourguide Training starting!
Good care is also taken for the inner self.
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Day 2


Continuing with Day 2 of the training.

We will begin by diving into the wonderful topic of the digital tachograph, which we are all naturally excited about!


The rest of the day will focus on administrative and organizational topics related to our work.

New tour guides will also be introduced to our digital database, where a lot of information about the tours is stored.


After lunch it's time for some best practice examples of the welcome briefing 

Welcome briefing
Not only the tour guides are working hard. Take a look at Mike and the Mechanics!

Day 3

Today it is time to start working on our famous flip charts. Everybody channels their inner Picasso to make some proper artwork to get everybody excited for the tour that is about to start. 

at least in theory.. 



Markus’ masterpiece as an example
Markus making us jealous of his Saudi tour..
Proper motorcycle weather
Dinner time!
Markus is telling us about his experiences in Saudi-Arabia

Day 4

Today all tourguide and most of the staff got toegether to go over the upcoming new website and some other changes. 

in the eavening we had our yearly belated Christmas's party and we determined the rookie of the year as well as the 4 guides that got the 3rd, second and 1st place for tourguide of the year 

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Another beautiful day for our training
Let‘s go!
The sun is shining during our lunch break. What more can we wish for?
Dinner time Edelweiss style
Tour guides and rookie of the year. Congratulations!

Day 5

Unfortunately the final day of our tour guide training has come. But the positive news is that we have an introduction to the new BMW GS1300!

Not only does Edelweiss Bike Travel offer motorbike tours. Have you already checked out our E-bike program? We have tours all over the world, like in Morocco, Japan, and South-Africa! Ursula held a presentation and all the motorbike tour guides will are eager to do an E-bike tour

After several presentations we finally got into action during the first aid lessons. We were singing "Staying Alive" by the Bee-Gees while doing CPR. Everyone survived the course and the Tourguide Training!

See you next year!!

Look at that beauty!
Ursula and the E-bikes
Staying alive!
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Nicolas Martin
Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at 11:43

Danke an Lars und Mark für den Blog zum Tourguide-Training und Wochenende. So haben unsere Familien auch mal einen Einblick, was wir in dieser Woche so getrieben haben.

Es war schön euch alle mal wieder zu sehen.
Auf eine schöne Saison 2024, liebe Kolleg*innen!


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