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Welcome ...
... to your lifetime adventure!
Welcome ...
... to your lifetime adventure!
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World Tour // Europe & Asia - Central Route: Munich - Istanbul - Da Nang 1AC

Bulgaria   |  China   |  Iran   |  Kyrgyzstan   |  Laos   |  Tajikistan   |  Turkey   |  Turkmenistan   |  Uzbekistan   |  Vietnam   |  匈牙利   |  奥地利   |  德国   |  斯洛文尼亚   |  罗马尼亚

Adventures and experiences that become stories!

This southern route represents an alternative itinerary of the WORLD TOUR from Europe to Asia, entering China via the Balkans and the Middle East. From Munich in Germany, we take a direct route to the south-east, passing through Romania and Bulgaria before reaching Istanbul; the gateway to Asia. This stunning city has important sites like the Hagia Sophia, or Blue Mosque, and the Topkapi Palace in store for us.

Turkey offers fascinating history and breathtaking landscapes, which you should also experience on foot or by hot-air balloon. After leaving the Marmara and Aegean regions behind us, we cruise through central and eastern Anatolia and enjoy landscapes that remain hidden from the typical Turkey tourist. In the very east of the country we reach the huge Lake Van and the biblical Mount Ararat; it’s eternally snowcovered peak offers an incredible sight.

As soon as we cross the border to Iran, the sights and monuments line up along our way southeast. Isfahan represents a significant turning point in our journey as we head north for the first time whilst giving Afghanistan and Pakistan a wide berth.

Through Central Iran and the Kavir Desert we approach one of the few international border crossings to Turkmenistan. Here, the country’s capital Ashgabat and the crater of Derweze, or “gate to hell”, are waiting for us. However, we do not ride into hell, but to Uzbekistan, where the heavenly Samarkand is expecting us; probably the most beautiful city along the old Silk Road.

We then arrive in Tajikistan, where we rest a little in the capital of Dushanbe; the following stages on the legendary Pamir Highway will be very demanding, both to us and our bikes. Mostly at high altitude and through indescribable scenery, this phenomenal road eventually takes us to Kyrgyzstan; the last country before the routes collide.

Entering China and reaching Kashgar, the ancient oasis city on the western edge of the giant Taklamakan, we meet the participants of the northern-route tour. Here we will receive our Chinese papers and stay for some days. There is a lot to see and experience, as Kashgar was an important trading post along the Silk Road.

This trade route ran along the northern edge of the Taklamakan Desert and we follow it for a several days, while the surroundings slowly begin to match our ideas of China. We ride to the second deepest point on earth, climb the westernmost spur of the Great Wall of China and cross the Quilian mountain range before reaching the ancient Chinese capital of Xi’an. Finally the real China!

We journey further south and visit sights of all kinds; tasting fresh mangoes and other exotic fruits. All the while eating up endless curves in areas that few motorcyclists will ever experience. In Laos, everything seems quieter and more peaceful, as cities like Luang Prabang and Lak Sao radiate warmth and openness.

In Vietnam we visit remarkable caves before we finally reach the tropical beaches of Da Nang where our epic adventure sadly comes to an end. And if someone asks you where you come from as you sip your sundowner, you can say: “From Germany, by motorcycle,” and casually smile into the sunset.

Special Challenges

  • Elaborate and sometimes adventurous border crossings.
  • Desert-like terrain requiring off-road experience and physical fitness.
  • Some long riding days
  • Incredibly varied cultures require an inner willingness to accept and adapt to new situations. Food, language, writing, etc. – this section is the most demanding for travellers.
  • Chinese cities with up to 17 million inhabitants and completely different driving styles to anywhere else. Be careful and stay on your toes.

Your expedition vehicle

To participate in the Edelweiss World Tour sections you will need to bring your own bike. If you prefer to join with a rental motorcycle we can send you an offer on request!

Marc and Gerhard from the World Tour Management will be available for you for any questions or concerns at expedition@edelweissbike.com!

起点/终点: 慕尼黑 / Da Nang
最近机场: Munich / Da Nang
行程时间: 87 共天 85 骑行时间天
路线: 总行程里程: 16970-19210 公里, 10545-11937 英里
每日行程里程: 105-570 公里, 65-354 英里
住宿: The quality, facilities and service of hotels will vary considerably depending on regional and national differences. Our goal is to book all stays in comfortable 3-5 star hotels. However, this is not always possible. Certain facilities might not be available, especially in regions with poorly developed infrastructure.
休息日: 慕尼黑
Luang Prabang
Da Nang
亮点: Grossglockner High Alpine Road, 锡比乌, 坦斯福加拉松山口, Istanbul, Ephesos, Pamukkale , Göreme Nationalpark, Täbris , Isfahan , Dasht-e Kavir, Darvaza gas crater, Khiva, Samarkand , Pamir Highway, Silk Road, Chinese Wall, Mogao caves, Xi´an, Terracotta Army, Lijiang, "Tiger Leaping Gorge"
开团人数: 8
请参考段落4.2. a)中的行程协议与条件,了解更多雪绒花骑行公司因参团人数不够而导致的行程取消条款

Prices start at $ 41.670,-

per person


Motorcycle category 0

行程价格及提供车型 2023


Price for rider in double room
Own Bike
$ 41.670,-
Price for passenger in double room$ 22.560,-
Single room supplement$ 7.310,-

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16.07. - 10.10.2023






Expedition van
One-way trip
Off-road 2
High altitude
Hygiene / Health care system
Remote areas
3 to 4 star hotel


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