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Do you love adventures? Do you want to experience foreign cultures, unusual landscapes and unique physical challenges? edelweiss ADVENTURE tours will bring out the world-traveler in you. And you don’t have to be an experienced off-road pilot to enjoy the pleasures of these adventures. Due to our vast experience with guiding motorcycle tours on every continent, we offer the most fascinating regions on paved and easily navigated secondary roads. Our specially trained adventure tour guides are there for you every mile of the way. They can teach you new riding skills en route as well as introduce you to each region’s local mysteries. As the world’s leading motorcycle touring company, we offer the highest standards of service and accommodations on our adventure tours. This means one experienced tour guide, a support van for your luggage and routes that are well organized and scouted ahead of time. Join us on our edelweiss ADVENTURE tours and enjoy the motorcycle experience of a lifetime.


 North and South America  



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Adventure Altiplano

Argentina   |  Bolivia   |  Chile, 17 Days

You haven't been to South America, if you haven't seen the amazing Altiplano.

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Adventure Big Five

Botswana   |  Namibia   |  South Africa   |  Zimbabwe, 17 Days

From wild flowers to the deserts, from the wildlife paradise to one of the mightiest waterfalls!

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Adventure Laos & Vietnam

Laos   |  Thailand   |  Vietnam, 16 Days

A motorcycle tour of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, created especially for adventurous souls!

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Adventure Machu Picchu

Chile   |  Peru, 15 Days

Desert, Andes and mountains: A real Machu Picchu motorcycle adventure!

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Adventure Myanmar

Myanmar   |  Thailand, 14 Days

Few tourists have entered Myanmar on a motorcycle. Come with us and become one of the fortunate few!

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Adventure North Cape

Finland   |  Norway, 14 Days

Cross the Artic Circle and enjoy the ride to Europe‘s most northern point, the North Cape.

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Adventure Patagonia

Argentina   |  Chile, 21 Days

Ride with Edelweiss Bike Travel to the end of the world on the motorcycle tour Adventure Patagonia.

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Adventure Southeast Asia

Cambodia   |  Laos   |  Thailand, 17 Days

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime motorcycle tour in Southeast Asia.

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Alaska-Yukon Adventure

Canada   |  United States, 13 Days

Experience the great wilderness of Alaska and the Canadian Yukon!

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Australia Extension

Australia, 6 Days

Breathtaking landscapes, unique nature and the famous Aussie lifestyle, combined with the best motorcycle roads in the Pacific‘s “Down Under!“

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Australian Adventure Tour

Australia, 13 Days

Breathtaking landscapes, unique nature and the famous Aussie lifestyle.

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Iceland – Fire and Ice

Iceland, 11 Days

Experience largely unspoiled and pure nature on this tour through the Highlands of Iceland.

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Realm of royal Rajasthan

India, 15 Days

The „Land of Kings“ is picture-book India, waiting to be explored by motorcycle.

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Sikkim - the worlds last utopias!

India, 12 Days

Explore Sikkim, the ancient kingdom high up in the Himalayas, on two wheels.

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The Mayan Empire Adventure

Belize   |  Guatemala   |  Mexico, 16 Days

Volcanoes, beaches, rainforest, Mayan culture and outstanding motorcycling Central America.

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Tourenfahrer Magazine Tour Tibet

China   |  Tibet, 19 Days

Tibet: an incredible, fantastic, one-of-a-kind tour onto the 'Roof of the World'!

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