Trip Essence

Our trip essence

Experience the motorcycle trip of a lifetime with Edelweiss Bike Travel - worldwide the #1 in guided motorcycle tours. Discover the world with Edelweiss Bike Travel and explore the most fascinating routes, ride on the newest motorcycles and enjoy the guidance of experienced Edelweiss tour guides.



which are as unique as life itself. They will guide us on amazing motorcycle roads to beautiful places and hidden gems. A journey that you will certainly never forget.

Tour guides


After having done an intense training, our kind and friendly tour guides are the best ones out there. Their special skill: they foresee every wish of yours.



After a day of riding you will be able to relax in hand-picked and charming hotels and guesthouses. Some are modern – some are more traditional. But be sure all of them are unique and a good fit for each touring program.



You can choose between many up-to-date motorcycles of the leading motorcycle companies. Of course, our bikes are frequently serviced and equipped with ABS and a luggage system for your safety and comfort.

Personal freedom


is very important to us. We want to make your trip as pleasant as possible. This is why we leave it up to you if you want to ride together with the group or if you would rather go on your own and at your own speed. On an Edelweiss Bike Travel Tour you are absolutely free – every day, every hour.



Highest priority on all our tours is the safety of our customers. The annual first-aid training of our tour guides, well-maintained motorcycles, daily briefings with the whole group and a route that is suited to the riding abilities of the group and the conditions are the foundation of this aspect. Money transfers are a matter of trust. This is why your data will be transmitted via a secured internet connection and your deposit is secured by means of mortgages.