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Since 1980 we have been touring this globe with customers from all corners of the world, with different skill levels and a huge variety in what they are looking for on their upcoming motorcycle experience. They all are driven by the common idea to experience the region they want to ride in on dream roads. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult for them to appraise whether the tour they are looking for fits their needs, motorcycle experience and offers the motorcycle adventure they are looking for without overstraining themselves. For this reason Edelweiss decided to set up a number of edelweiss TRAINING opportunities to assist motorcyclists at any skill level make their next motorcycle tour a relaxed one while taking the edge off the challenge.


 North and South America  



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One-Day Alps Prep Course


Our Alpine Motorcycle Training Course prepares you for the winding roads in the Alps!

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Riding Academy Alps

Italy, 7 Days

Let us tune your riding skills!

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Riding Academy Andalusia

Spain, 7 Days

Let us tune your riding skills!

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