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Riding motorcycles should be fun! However, when riding, safety is always a priority! That’s why we developed a special riding training, which will improve your safety and riding fun on tour. Imparting the theory is the basis for the first training on the race track with our experienced riding trainers. Here you will learn everything from the right motorcycle handling to curve techniques up to braking exercises and you will have the possibility to practise extensively. However, as a training on a race track can never replace real-life situations, we will put everything we learnt into practice on our two-day trip, always starting from our 4-star base hotel. After this riding training you will master the most diverse streets, passes and situations sovereignly and become a better rider than ever before. In this way, you can twist the throttle on tours without neglecting your safety.



 North and South America  


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Alps Riding Academy

Italy, 7 Days

Let us tune your riding skills!

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One-Day Alps Prep Course


Our Alpine Motorcycle Training Course prepares you for the winding roads in the Alps!

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Riding Academy Andalusia

Spain, 7 Days

Let us tune your riding skills!

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Tenerife Riding Academy

Spain, 7 Days

Let us tune your riding skills!

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