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Information, impressions and hints for
the adventure of a lifetime!

This is not the most extreme tour on the planet. But it is not supposed to be, as this would be contrary to our understanding of motorcycle travel. The WORLD TOUR is not an off-road adventure with extremely challenging routes, tents instead of hotels, or riders that need to be able to completely take apart their motorcycles and then assemble them again.

We came up with the Edelweiss WORLD TOUR with two main goals in mind: the first was to create an adventure for our participants that would be very complicated and time-consuming if done individually. The second goal was to be on the road and still enjoy all those things that turn an adventure into a holiday. This applies both to providing a certain amount of comfort during overnight stays, good meals, and well-selected roads.

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 North and South America  


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World Tour // Africa: Cape Town - Mombasa

Kenya   |  Malawi   |  Namibia   |  South Africa   |  Tanzania   |  Zambia   |  Zimbabwe, 38 Days

An adventure through breath-taking wilderness in the cradle of mankind!

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World Tour // Europe & Asia - Central Route: Munich - Istanbul - Da Nang

Austria   |  Bulgaria   |  China   |  Germany   |  Hungary   |  Iran   |  Kyrgyzstan   |  Laos   |  Romania   |  Slovenia   |  Tajikistan   |  Turkey   |  Turkmenistan   |  Uzbekistan   |  Vietnam, 87 Days

Adventures and experiences that become stories!

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World Tour // Europe & Asia - North Route: Munich - Moscow - Da Nang

China   |  Czech Republic   |  Germany   |  Kazakhstan   |  Kyrgyzstan   |  Laos   |  Latvia   |  Lithuania   |  Poland   |  Russia   |  Vietnam, 77 Days

Adventure, unforgettable moments and friends for a lifetime!

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World Tour // North & Central America: Los Angeles - Panama City

Costa Rica   |  Guatemala   |  Honduras   |  Mexico   |  Nicaragua   |  Panama   |  United States, 43 Days

Hollywood, the Wild West and countless sights of Central America!

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World Tour // South America: Cartagena - Punta Arenas

Argentina   |  Bolivia   |  Chile   |  Colombia   |  Ecuador   |  Peru, 70 Days

More of everything: Nature, culture, adventure and curves, curves, curves!

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World Tour // South-East Asia: Da Nang - Bali

Cambodia   |  Indonesia   |  Malaysia   |  Thailand   |  Vietnam, 48 Days

The smells, the nature, the colonial architecture - a tour for all senses!

Around the World expedition

To all world tourers and those of you who want to become one some day: In 2014 I have been part of the worldtour segment rides from Munich to Moscow and Moscow to Bangkok. My recommendation to all those who are considering such a journey is ... quit hesitating and take the opportunity and ride! It was a memorable experience for us as a group, and as individuals, too. Our group consisted of riders from various countries and, along the way, we managed to help each other out of the dust when needed. The excellent tour guides assisted us with knowledge and help each and every day; and Edelweiss Bike Travel did an absolutely fabulous job of organizing this grand adventure. My next trip is planned already and I am looking forward to doing another worldtour section soon ... in South America.

Alois Clemens, Austria

Around the World expedition

I have traveled a lot and seen many places on this planet. However, circumnavigating the earth on a motorcycle is a one-of-a-kind trip and can‘t be compared with anything I did before. It has been interesting, boring, beautiful, gross, adventurous, ordinary and much more. Where but on a ride around the world can one gain such a wide range of impressions and experiences? Where else does one learn how much our planet has to offer and that people are as similar as they are different? And finally, it is a great opportunity to see where else on earth one might want to live. This expedition gave me a lot of knowledge, increased self-awareness and great satisfaction. I can highly recommend taking this challenge to anyone considering participating in this ride!

Alfred Hoschek, Germany

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