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Our RIDE4FUN tours are all about riding, riding, and even more riding. There will be less sightseeing than on other Edelweiss tours, but in return, we collect more miles. “Regional and local” is our motto on these tours as we discover roads and areas which normally only locals know. We stay in hotels with plenty of local charm, not inappropriately expensive or fancy, but comfortable. During the day, you can ride in a group with your tour guide or in your own little group – you decide! There won’t be any luggage service on these tours, which means that you need to pack your sweater, socks, and toothbrush on your bike – which is no problem since all our motorcycles come with a full luggage system. Our advice when riding with a passenger: clarify in advance if your passenger not only likes this kind of tour but also has the necessary experience for it. If so, then we can only wish you lots of fun!



 North and South America  


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Adriatic Rollercoaster Extreme

Austria   |  Bosnia-Herzegovina   |  Croatia   |  Slovenia, 8 Days

A motorcycle tour through spectacular motorcycle areas along the Mediterranean Sea.

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Alps Extreme

Austria   |  Italy, 8 Days

Motorcycle touring on small hidden roads through the heart of the Alps!

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Atlantic Mountains Extreme

Spain, 7 Days

Enjoy a week of fantastic island-hopping on the Canary Islands and feel eternal spring!

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Authentic Cuba

Cuba, 10 Days

The pearls of the Caribbean has many facets to be discovered on a motorcycle.

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Crete Mountains Extreme

Greece, 8 Days

One week of driving fun at its finest, garnished with history,
culinary delights and lots of sun!

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Mediterranean Alps Extreme

France   |  Italy, 9 Days

The charming French Riviera, Cinque Terre and the Mediterranean Alps are waiting for you!

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Pyrenees Extreme

France   |  Spain, 9 Days

On this tour, we explore the Pyrenees and experience motorcycle heaven.

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Sardegna Extreme

Italy, 7 Days

Discover the "small continent" in the Mediterranean from its original side.

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Southern Spain Extreme

Spain, 9 Days

Spectacular roads, an endless blue sky and eternal sunshine: It just can't get any better!

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Special Alps Extreme

Austria   |  Italy, 8 Days
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Thailand Extreme

Thailand, 10 Days

This Tour in Northern Thailand guarantees riding fun in exotic surrounding.

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