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Setting the bar at the highest level, these top-end tours consist of small groups enjoying upscale accommodations and more rest days to soak it all in. You want to feel like royalty on your well-deserved vacation? If so, edelweiss ROYAL tours are for you. When planning those travels, we single out our best, longest running, wildly popular or most unique motorcycling vacations in the world’s most beautiful regions and kick them up a notch. edelweiss ROYAL tours hotel standards are higher, their meals exquisite, our guides even better, and the overall quality of service is taken to new heights not previously experienced by motorcycle tourists. No longer mere motorcycle tourists in strange lands, these tourists stay in upscale hotels and ride our best bikes free of awkward luggage. After a fascinating day zooming around twisting tarmac, you will dine in a fine restaurant with the most delicious dinner and look forward to the next day while sipping fine wine. We also include more rest days in the edelweiss ROYAL tours schedules. They can be used for two-wheel exploring, sightseeing, shopping, a day at the spa, or playing golf on epic courses.


 North and South America  



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Mystery Ride with the CEO

9 Days

Where we will go? Top secret! All we can say is: curvy roads, best food, selected wines, special accomodations, hidden treasures. What elde do you need?

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