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Alps Riding Training (ATC1301)

Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013 | Hans Öggl | Europa

Day 2:

That`s us:

Today we found sun, rain and snow! It was as cold as it looks - really.

Passo di Pennes is now also called - " the high speed pass"

Doug was not shure whether to take the Fiat or the BMW.

Dom - in the background his new castle!!

Starting again after lunch isn`t easy - especially if you had the three rather small tastings of Italian pasta.

Day 1:

We`re so lucky!!!!

The yellow thing as shown up on the sky again and we had a great day riding to Bavaria and visit King Ludwig`s castle.

You can only look so happy when you are on a honeymoon! All the best for your future.

Can you see his smile? He had the new GS 1200 for this day!

It`s soooo good to have ladies on tour! They make the whole thing complete.

You think motorcycles and fairy tales don`t fit? Well your wrong as you can see here.

The hats are just for fashion matters - easy to see if stand in front of Little Red Ridinghood!

Welcome to the Alps in May. (or is it November?)

The Touring Center in Seefeld started today with the Riding School.

Luckily we got the chance to have some riding drill inside - thank you Seefeld!!!!!!!

Two brave riders took their chance and explored the Alps after the traditional classroom lessons in the morning. There we talked about the "Edelweiss" idea of save riding and having fun riding a motorcycle in the alps.



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