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Nord- und Südamerika

Patagonia special SPT19003

18. Oktober 2019

Let's hit the gravel again, but "just" for around 110 km today! We left the Estancia la Angostura on a beautiful and not too windy  (compared with what they are used here!) morning and soon we passed by lake Cardiel where we stopped for some pictures. Our ...

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Best of America (very true!) CBA1902

28. September 2019

Sunset at Zion N.P.

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Neue Touren 2020

16. September 2019

New tours

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CCW 1902 - Canada West Tour

15. September 2019

From Vancouver to Osoyoos

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SPT19046 Machu Picchu - Touratech Thailand discovers Peru

4. September 2019

The avid motorcyclists from Touratech Thailand and myself, we have already been on the road now for 9 days, and were busy riding our motorcycles, sightseeing, taking many pictures, shopping, and so much more. The impressions that we have been collecting so far are nothing short of ...

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Classic Cuba (CKU1903)

17. April 2019

We've been pretty lucky with the weather and the group has been magnificent, friendly and welcoming. We've laughed and enjoyed a pretty damn good 10 days! Thank you

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Best of Cuba CCB1904

6. April 2019

Day 7, Varadero - Havana After a wonderful week together, it's finally time to ride back to Havana! We took it easy in the morning, a relaxed breakfast and then we were ready to leave our hotel and cruise back to the capital city of the ...

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Classic Cuba: special Chinese edition (CKU190A)

29. März 2019

Day 10: Varadero - Havana Here we go: last riding day! Another sunny day and a medium long route that brings us back to Havana. Late start, a stop by the Casa of Al Capone (he used to store rum there in the 1920s during US ...

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APA Adventure Patagonia

18. Februar 2019

Paying attention to he safety briefing, is as important as paying attention on the road

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Classic Cuba CKU1901

24. Januar 2019

Day 10, Varadero - Havana Back to Havana, also the most beautiful things unfortunately come to an end! We left Varadero not too early and then slowly "cruised" back to the capital of this "complicated" but awesome land. Lots of memories to bring back home! It ...

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SPT19007 Südamerika Spezial

24. Januar 2019


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Direction South: Adventure Patagonia (APA1802)

11. Dezember 2018

Day 19: Rio Grande - Punta Arenas THE END After over 5000km today we are reaching our final destination: the town of Punta Arenas! It's not gonna be an easy walk, as today we have 430km ahead of us, plus the last border crossing and a ...

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CCW1802: Canada's beautiful West

6. September 2018

Starting the final riding day was lucky enough with no snowfall. The last loop took us out of Jasper along beautiful mountain roads, lakes and finally back into Vancouver again. Lunch stop was at the wonderful winter olympic town of Whistler, where everyone had some free time ...

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