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Faszinierendes Marokko (MCT2402)

21. April 2024

Ein herzliches Willkommen in Malaga / Spanien und Willkommen zu unserer Marokko-Tour   Die Bikes sind wohlbehalten hier in Malaga angekommen und das Tourguideteam, bestehend aus Thomas, Michael und Daniel, ist bereit unsere Gäste heute Abend auf ...

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MCT2401 Marokko Tour

15. März 2024

Gorge du Thodra

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South Africa SAT230A

12. Dezember 2023

At Cape Aghulas, the most Southern point of Africa

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All the best of beautiful Morocco! MCT2304

25. November 2023

A great adventure in front of us: Morocco! A country with many different faces and an ancient history. Very friendly people and great exotic food. And then there is the spectacular nature! The Atlas mountains with its high peaks, the endless desert and in between forests ...

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Südafrika-Tour SAT2302

20. November 2023

The final highlight: Cape of Good Hope

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Marokko Classic

15. Oktober 2023

Let's get started our tour to Morocco! 17 Riders are eager to step into North Africa. Well prepared and full of expectations, join our block, stay tuned.

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Worldtour // Africa: Cape Town - Mombasa

14. Juni 2023

Welcome to Cape Town, our tourstart for the Africa leg of our Edelweiss Wordltour! The team members: Wolfgang and his son Alex, Steffen, Natali and Marc, Michael and Martin, Jaco and Holger. Some of the names sound familiar? That's correct, Martin, Michael, Natali and Marc had been ...

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Marokko Tour

29. April 2023

Colors of Morocco

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MCT 2301 Marokko Tour

26. März 2023

Day 9: Boulman Dades to Merzouga / Erg Chebbi

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Südafrika-Tour SAT2301

28. Januar 2023

Mission complete

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Marokkotour die 2.

20. November 2022

Good Morning in Malaga

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Südafrika-Tour SAT2202

10. November 2022

Mid-October, the riding is getting too cold back home...it's time for South Africa! Spring time is perfect to explore Kruger Park, the Drakensberg mountains, the Indian Ocean, the wine region and of course the famous Cape of Good Hope! One more day and our adventure ...

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The Morrocco Tour is on again !!

5. November 2022

Finally !! After an almost three year gap we are ready to go again on one of our most beautiful tours: The Morrocxo tour! Arriving one or more days earlier the majority of the group is already eager to go to North Africa. Today we started ...

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