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Best of the Alps SPT13119

Montag, 16. September 2013 | Tobias | Europa

Day 5 Andermatt - Zürich (Last day)

Even the greatest things in live must come to an end at one point! So did this tour. None the less we had a great last riding day in the Alps! Today we did some nice passes and on the Furkapass we went to see the Rohne Glacier and we could even walk in side… One other highlight of this tour was the ferry crossing at the Vierwaldstätter Lake that we did on this day.

Day 4 Livigno - Andermatt

Today was one other great riding day in the Alps!!! The group split up, so one group could start a little later in order to do some shopping in Livigno and the other group  started according to schedule and did some of the nicest six mountain passes in the Alps.

The passes we did:

Forcola di Livigno




San Bernadinopass


Lunch stop on our way to Splügenpass...

On the other side of Splügenpass...

Day 3 Seefeld - Livigno

Nice weather, nice people and great roads! What else do you need? Today we concord the Stilfserjoch, one of the most fames passes in the Alps. With 48 switch backs on one side!!!

Sheeps stoppt us on our way to Timmelsjoch

TG Tobias on top of Timmelsjoch

We had great Italian Pizza

Day 2 Warth - Seefeld

We slept in an amazing hotel between mountains close to Warth, Austria, with nothing else around us that pure nature. The day started really cold and foggy, it was time to prepare us with our best riding gears to enjoy all that it was going to offer.

Just in to the first miles the road went across unbelievable landscapes in companion with a lot of cows that did not be impressive with our presence.

Our first stop was in a tale, what? Yes! We visited The Neuschwanstein Castle, in Germany. It is easy to imagine why it was the inspiration for the most famous Disney’s castle.

We were riding trough the border of Austria and Germany and a several miles after we find the highlight of the day: Palace Linderhof. Built by King Ludwing II, the castle resembles the Versailles Palace, and even had a room for the famous composer Richard Wagner.

It was difficult to leave this marvel but we should to follow our route and come back to Austria to spend the night in Seefeld. The spot offers an amazing view mixing the nature with the ski lifts and the roofs of the city.

Day 1 Zürich - Warth

We all started our motorcycle touring adventure riding through the Alps for the next 5 days in Zürich/ Switzerland. Everybody was highly motivated and keen to get out on the roads for some great riding. To get used to the traffic and the new bikes we started of riding on a nice and easy country road along the lake of Zürich (Züricher See). After a while we stopped at a little pictures town called Brunnen on the Vierwaldstätter Lake, where we had some coffee and took a few pictures.

Back on the road we headed to Altdorf which is the origin of Switzerland, at least that is the case when you believe in all the stories that are told about Wilhelm Tell. Following this historical highlight was a riding highlight, namely the famous Klausenpass, where we enjoyed the breathtaking scenery while we had lunch in a little mountain hut on top of the pass. Next thing on our list was Vaduz the capital of the smallest country in Europe, we stopped at the castle and saw the flag hanging out, which means that the king of Lichtenstein was present at that moment.

The next pass and at the same time the last one of the day was the Furkajoch-pass. Although the clouds started to come in it was a nice experience to see mountains surrounding us. So our trip had a great first riding day and there are more to come.

Our first stop at the Vierwaldstättersee...

Wilhelm Tell and his son at the town of Altdorf.

On our way to Klausenpass...

The kings castle in Vaduz.



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