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0AB1401 Zero Emission Tour

Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014 | Angela | Europa

Although the Zero Emission tour is not custom-made, it definitely is one of Edelweiss' special tours! In fact a very special one because this is the very first guided motorcycle tour to be done without any emission and absolutely in silent mode - 5 courageous bikers are on our first Edelweiss tour on electric motorcycles!

Among them are Heinz and Gerd from Austria, Heinrich from Germany and Gary and Tim from the USA.

Quite an exciting time as we are about to make our first experiences on these silent vehicles!

What we can already say so far: These electric bikes are most enjoyable and guarantee for great fun!!

No engine roaring, no shifting into first gear, but a slight "ssssssss...." could be heard when the group left the base hotel in Mieming!

Here is Ray, one of the tour guides, ... just open the throttle and off you go

A first picture on top of the Hahntenjoch

What an amazing scenery! And all to enjoy in absolute silence!

At the end of the day, all riders agree that they not at all miss the sound of the engine while riding!

Tim and Gary are amazed by the performance of the electric bikes!

Entering Lech in the Arlberg mountains

Gerd is beaming with joy over the quiet ride

Gary and Tim in Lech

At the end of our first fantastic riding day, hotel manager Franz, a passionate motorcyclist himself, was waiting for us in Galtür

Our "electrifying" and quiet new friends are waiting to be taken out on the backroads of South Tyrolia!

At the "Gacher Blick" (meaning "the sheer view")

Heinrich, Heinz and Tim...


...Gary and...

...Ray, ready to move on direction Italy and Lake Reschen and the famous steeple sticking out of the lake...

...which is, of course, worth a stop to take a couple of pictures!

The Vinschgau High Alpine road is a "riding delicacy" 

A surprising 180 km of distance these electric brooms can cover before you need to find a cafe offering you a socket to plug in

Ray and Gerd, enjoying the view over the Vinschgau Valley

On the way to our today's hotel in Schlanders, South Tyrolia

The plan was to arrive early in order to recharge the batteries and finally take off again for a loop into the Valley of Martell.



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Mark Obert
Freitag, 1. August 2014 um 00:33

It (silently) sounds like you are having a great tour so far!


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