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Best of Europe - it was wonderful!(BOE1103)

Mittwoch, 31. August 2011 | Jens Ruprecht | Europa

Hi guys out there,

Last Saturday we met close to Munich where we got our beautiful motorcycles. On our first riding day we explored the Altmühl valley before we got to the amazing medieval town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The walk with the "original Nightwatchman" we will never forget...

here are some impressions:

Day 1 Munich - Rothenburg

first Beergarden along the road!

coffee is better than beer... at least sunday morning...

Brandnew BMWs!!!

close to Eichstätt, Altmühl valley

the Altmühl - a paradise for canoes...

Happy people!

And finally in Rothenburg, one of the nicest places in Germany

The "nightwatchman" - great tour!

Time for a real beer - finally!

Day 2 Rothenburg - Heidelberg

After Rothenburg we went further to the West, a visit of "Kloster Schöntal" at the Jagst river, later on we followed the Neckar river to the famous town of Heidelberg, have a look:

Schöntal Monastery, what should I say...

Time for a great Picnic - Enjoy!

Edelweiss Picnics are really great!

somewhere along the road...

castles all over - that´s Germany...

last coffee before Heidelberg, just a couple of miles left...

here a part of our group on the "alte Brücke" - Heidelberg castle in the back...

Day 3 Heidelberg - Ribeauville/France

Time to leave Germany.... but before we will enjoy a beautiful ride through the Black forest! Countless turns, up and down, not a lot of traffic and all this with beautiful sunshine - what else do we need???

somewhere in the Black forest...

Special reservation for our lunch...

Lunch at Bad Peterstal... and then about another 10 000 curves..., finally we made it to:

and to the beautiful town of Ribeauville, have a look:

looks great, or???

After we got to Ribeauville we had a wonderful dinner and yesterday we had our so called "rest day".

Day 4 - Restday Ribeauville

Just to explain it means we won´t change the hotel, we spend to nights in the same spot without packing - nice! Of course we offer a ride even on our "rest day"!!! Look were we went:

somewhere along the road... great area to ride the bikes! The mountain range is called the "Vosges", similar to the Black forest, but "french style" and even less traffic - just perfect!

very nice, the are all over...

looks like they have a great time, or???

The Alsace - what a great place!!!

Day 5 Ribeauville - Schaffhausen(Switzerland)

So guys, this morning we came back into Germany, rode back into the Black Forest, played around for a while on beautiful curvy roads and celebrated Michaels 50th birthday with maybe the best Blackforest cake of the world - check it out:

that´s the place - "the mill of the witch hole"

and a little further at the "Schluchsee" another Picnic, prepared by Angela!

and finally we made it to Schaffhausen/ Switzerland...

What do you think - quite big for Europe - the "Rheinfall"

Tomorrow we are going to cross Switzerland into Austria... we will see...

Day 6 Schaffhausen - Warth (Switzerland)

Rain in the morning... what´s that? We are mot used to it so far...

First we followed the lake of Constance to the East, then direction South to the so called "Säntis" a high peak over 7500 feet! The sun came out after a short ride - have a look:

At the Säntis we climbed the cable car a we were really lucky with the weather!!!

Up, Up and away...

what a great day - look athe the view!

back on the ground... let´s continue...

Strange looking cows... Machu Picchu or what?

A quick look over Liechtenstein and then up the Mountains to our beautiful hotel at Warth, here having fun at the pool!

Day 7 Warth - Munich(Germany)

So guys, everything comes to an end - even our wonderful tour through the "Best of Europe"... On our last day we left Warth in Austria, went along the "Plansee" to Kings Ludwig Castle "Linderhof" before we got back to Munich, here our last impressions:

Look at the sky - even our last day it is blue - fantastic!!!

Here at "Plansee", a very nice lake

going to Castle Linderhof...

nice hunting cottage, or???

!!! and finally the whole group !!!

what should I say - it was a wonderful trip! Thanks a lot for a great time and we hope to see you somewhere else on the road - of course on 2 wheels!!!

Your Tourguides

Angela, Gottfried and Jens



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Donna Tyner
Samstag, 10. September 2011 um 00:25

Miss all of you! Can't wait until the next venture with my buddies!
Vilnis and Deb
Mittwoch, 7. September 2011 um 01:56

Trip of a lifetime! Great ride, great people, Jens, Gottfried and Angela were fantastic guides! Absolutely loved it! Hope our paths can cross again sometime.
Montag, 5. September 2011 um 03:15

Oh my, what a fabulous experience!! We came together as strangers and departed as friends. Riding through pastures and villages, up and over mountain passes on twisty roads, and in and out of forests was the best. It was great to see so many riders out and about, and on so many BMWs. A great bike. Many thanks to our wonderful guides. You're the best!!! Good guides makes the Edelweiss concept such a great success and we were blessed with three of the best. When do we go again and where shall we go? Hmmm. I'll miss my daily gelato with my ice cream partner and the great riding and conversation. I'll always treasure the memories of this trip. Keep the rubber side down!
Randy Hammond
Sonntag, 4. September 2011 um 09:19

What a superb riding trip! Everyday brings something more than the day before!
Super riding participants with great attitudes!
Tour guides were all excellent!
Freitag, 2. September 2011 um 23:43

Tell Victor Szymela to smile for the camera and get in more pics!!!
Barbara Sims
Freitag, 2. September 2011 um 03:23

Tell Frank Martin his sister says hello and that I hope he is having a great time! Tell Carlos I said hello, too.
Mittwoch, 31. August 2011 um 20:31

Looks like a lot of fun! The scenery is absolutely beautiful!! Hope you all are having a blast! Love, Alexis
Michael C
Mittwoch, 31. August 2011 um 19:35

This is a great group! What an amazing ride and fantastic roads. I never knew that there's an entire industry around riding motos in this region... They have roads that are super for testing your riding skills. Can't wait to get to get to the Alps tomorrow! Each day is getting better. Auvoir!
Donna Tyner
Mittwoch, 31. August 2011 um 19:32

Having a wonderful time. We love our tour guides!!!


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