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Special Adriatic Rollercoaster SPT15041

Donnerstag, 10. September 2015 | Michael Keller | Europa

Both tour guides, Steve and Michael, share a rest day at the park with a great group of tour members.
Kent, the Geologist, giving an explanation about limestone and how the lakes were formed. There is always one in the crowd with a question ...
One of many beautiful waterfalls in the park.
Today we visited the Plitvice Lake National Park. The ride was pretty chilly in the morning, but it warmed up nicely for the ride on the way back.
stop taking pictures and come back, Brad. We need you as a sweeper
stunning vistas after twisty roads in the evening
the one and a half hour ferry ride over to the island of Rab
Cindi, Steve, Judy and Brad on their RT's
Riding day 3, overlooking the Adriatic Sea
Not the highlight of the day: broken fuel hose of the Ducati Multistrada got it a free ride in the van.
Day 2 highlight, the lunch stop. Oink oink.
In the afternoon we crossed the border into Croatia. HOW MUCH DO WE HAVE TO PAY?? We have a restday in Opatija.
The best way to fly on the "adriatic rollercoaster"
It´s lunchtime. Thank goodness for Wifi. The Judy's sending pictures back home.
From the hotel we could see the snow capped mountains, which were the direction of our first ride day. Fortunately there was beautiful sunshine on top of the Loiblpass (4500 ft.) and the roads were dry. Loiblpass is on the border of Austria and Slovenia.
The motorcycles are ready for the tour! It rained extremely hard on the day of the motorcycle handover, but we knew that clear skies were ahead.


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Cindi Hill
Montag, 7. September 2015 um 09:22

Great ride. For all of us Californians, great to see so much water in the rivers. Two days of rain prior to the start helped.


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