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9VA Moto GP Valencia and the Route of Don Quijote

Freitag, 17. November 2017 | Thomas Hölzl / Alan Magnoni | Europa

Thank´s Chris, Paulo, Bill, Ralph and Vic
for this great MotoGP Valencia Tour!
We hope we'll see you again soon..
Alan and Thomas
Once we drive through the mountainous Aragon, before we reach our start and finish Valencia!
What a great group!
Too bad that, with today's 300 kilometers, the tour comes to an end!

Alcaniz - Alcaniz

After the MotoGP race in Valencia, we also visited the second racetrack in this area, Motorland Aragagon.
Lunch in the sun!
Motorcycling in the sunshine of Spain - there is nothing better!
Even can be really cold in November in the mountains!
Ralph and Chris!
The view from Miravet Castle is fantastic!
On the ferry - Alan is joking
Our ferry across the river Ebro
Break - after a 90 minute ride in a class of its own
Bill gets ready for a cold morning!
Our Hotel!
Our great hotel in Alcaniz

Teruel - Alcaniz

A short coffee break in front of the church in Mora de Rubielos!
5 friends in Mora de Rubielos!
The courtyard of the castle Mora de Rubielos
Without words
A short stop after a great drive through unaffected nature in northern Spain!
The Ducatis are waiting for their drivers!
The 5 Guys of the Moto GP Valentia tour!
The landscape in Aragon is just fantastic!
Chris and his Multisdtrada
It‘s cold man!

Teruel - Teruel

Let's go - the Paradores Hotel in Teruel will be our base tonight!
Preparations for a sunny but cold day! After frost in the night, it goes at temperatures just above freezing on the 300 kilometers round!

Valencia to Teruel

Siesta for Bill!
Paulo our Brazilians takes a break!
The MOTOGP Valencia Boygroup!
Five great guys on a great tour
Reservoir Benageber! One of our highlights on this third tour day! In this region there are also some specimens of the European bison. Unfortunately we did not see any!
Sun, curves and our Ducatis - a perfect day!
Curves, curves and curves again - if you look at the streets, it's not really surprising that Marc Marquez was again world champion ,,,,,,
The landscape on our way to Teruel is impressive!
Ralph enjoys a short break.
After the orange fields around Valencia - we are now surrounded by olive trees!
On the way from Valencia to Altura - the, felt, first 1000 curves are behind us ...

MOTOGP Valencia

On the way back from the race track to the hotel, there is a first taste of the following 5 days in the Spanish hinterland!
Just great!
The whole group at the end of the race day!
Party time!
Marc Marquez is World Champion!
Our German - Austrian guest Ralph and tour guide Alan enjoy the racing atmosphere!
Vic alias Marquez - Alan alias Valentino Rossi!
The two tour guides Alan and Thomas together on a bike - especially for Thomas in the back seat an unfamiliar Situation but he has fun too....
On the way to the Circuite Ricardo Tormo! The Spanish police have everything under control!

Arrival and briefing

The first dinner - the perfect opportunity to get to know the group better. A colorful mix of three Americans, a native Brazilian, a German and a tour guide from Austria and South Tyrol.
The bikes are ready - the tour can begin!
With a sunrise like a picture book, day 1 starts - we, the tour guides, look forward to the arrival of our guests!

Watching the last Moto GP race of the Season and riding Ducatis on scenic and twisty spanish roads that´s our tour "MotoGP Valencia and the Route of Don Quijote"



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Ursula Peter
Mittwoch, 15. November 2017 um 11:05

Hallo Jungs,
na dann hoff ich mal ihr habt die Heizwesten dabei . Aber zu eurer Beruhigung: bei uns hatte es heut morgen auch nur 2 Grad, allerdings plus.
Machts gut


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