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CGB 1802 - Scotland and the Isle of Man

Sonntag, 1. Juli 2018 | Marc Adamiak / Michael Kreuzmeir | Europa

It was a great tour with a great group and great weather!

Day 1 & 2: Isle of Man

Here we go! Everybody ready on the bikes on the first day.
From Liverpool...
...the group started towards the Isle of Man...
by ferry.
The island's symbol signifies something like "wherever you throw it, it stands".
The island welcomed us with best riding weather.
On a first little loop, we rode the race track of the "TT" (tourist trophy), which is the oldest street race for motorbikes and takes place here, each year.

Over this bridge, the bikes jump with an insane speed.
At the Joey Dunlop Memorial (the most successful racer of the TT).
Tourist train (with a funny, small trailer).
Our group, lining up at the start and finish line of the race.
Back in the hotel, we saw some other sort of line-up - interesting scooters.
Peel castle (built back in the viking times).
Funny statue, in front of a library.
Maughold lighthouse
One of many beautiful views at the islands coastline.

Day 3: Lake District

Our ferry back from the Isle of Man to the "main land".
We passed wind mill parks and drilling platforms.
Back on the road and with excellent weather, we crossed the Kirkstone pass with its old station, that dates back to 1496.
Close to our today's destination, the mystic stone circle of Castlerigg awaited our visit.
Anita on the "queen's throne of Castlerigg" (as we named it)

Day 4: Entering Scotland

First, we visited the roman most northern border - Hadrian's wall
But, instead just seeing a wall, we also wandered around an old roman fort at the wall
The fort (ruins) from further away
The remainings of the wall
Quite good preserved latrines (toilets)
Where there was war in the past, today there are peacful sheep
Finallyaround noon, we crossed the border from England to Scotland.
Due to the amazingly great weather, we had a beautiful lunch stop in a restaurant with a nice garden.
Local cuisine has some specialities - one of them is "Haggis".
...So, we tried some fried Haggis balls.
"Real fans" of the freedom fighter Sir William Wallace, are traveling to THIS monument (and some leave flowers there).
Close to Edinburgh, there is a well known building (from the movie "The Da Vinci Code": Rosslyn chapel

Day 5: Edinburgh to Ballachulish

Our first picture stop coming out of Edinburgh was the famous Stirling Castle.
And to see a second castle right afterwards we stopped in Doune. The Monthy Python and the Holy Grail movie was filmed here.
Beautiful countryside and amazing roads.
Nikolaus taking pictures of the Loch.
The view from our lunch spot.
Klaus is checking the route for the afternoon.
Christine is always taking notes.
Everyone's ready for some good lunch!
Haggis Burger and sweet potato fries!
The chruch in Kilmartin ...
... has some pretty special graveslabs.
The earliest stones date back to the thirteenth or fourteenth centuries, with the most recent ones dated 1707 and 1712.
Time for a coffee stop.
Scottish highland cattle on the fields around the Loch.
Our pretty hotel in Ballachulish right at the Loch.

Day 6: Ballachulish to Skye

On our way from Ballachulish to the Isle of Skye we took a short ferry in the morning crossing over to the other and more scenic side of the Loch.
No wind, no waves - a perfect mirror picture and blue sky!
Motorcycles always look pretty in the country side.
The Glenfinnan Monument (bridge) is better known as the Harry Potter train bridge to Hogwarts.
On the other side of Glefinnan is a beautiful lake.
Before we rode onto the Isle of Skye we stopped at the most photographed castle of Scotland - Eilean Donan Castle.
Norm, Glenn and Richard, approaching Isle of Skye
The famous Kilt's Rock waterfall was not very impressive - due to the heatwave and low water. But look at the clear water!
What an amazing coastline along the Isle of Skye.

Day 7: Isle of Skye to Inverness

Leaving the Isle of Skye we just stopped again at Eilean Donan castle to take a picture with some sunshine!
Coming up Applecross pass.
Very tight and challenging hairpins.
What a view from the top!
Nikolaus is looking forward to the lunch in this special garden restaurant.
Surrounded by stone walls there's a majestic garden and restaurant inside.
Going along the coast line north of Applecross the water looked like in the caribbean. Maybe we took a wrong turn?
Everybody had to take some pictures for the family and friends back home.
Time for a coffee. Or maybe a ice-cold coke?
Fantastic views all along our ride today!
The waterfall in Corrieshalloch gorge was quite spectacular.
After another long day we made it safe and sound to the hotel.

Day 8: Going North

On our rest day we didn't rest. Oh no!
Nikolaus enjoying the view once more.
We arrived to Dunnet Head first.
The most northern point of mainland Britain.
Shortly after we came to John o'Groats.
A well earned photo of the guys and the bikes in front of the sign post.
Coffee stop with a view. Of course the view was a castle. We're in Scotland after all.

Day 9: Inverness to Aberdeen

First visit in the morning was Loch Ness...
...where we also saw "the monster"
Between one of the most scenic roads and a beautiful lake, we had our famous Edelweiss picnic
In the afternoon, we followed the whisky trail...
...where we had our coffee stop (yes, just coffee! )
Close to Aberdeen, we then had a nice photo stop at Cragievar castle

Last riding day: Aberdeen to Edinburgh

Queen's view, near Balmoral castle
Lunch in a beautiful environment in Kenmore
In the afternoon, we booked a guided tour in Scotland's smallest whisky destillery.
A last boot beer, after arrival at our hotel in Edinburgh
Klaus and...
Richard got their World Tourer awards.
Next morning: The bikes are ready to go back to Austria


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Anita Harbert
Dienstag, 10. Juli 2018 um 19:08

This was a fantastic trip, Scotland is absolutely beautiful. Great group to ride with and Mike and Marc we fantastic. The weather could not have been better.
Joanne McLeod
Samstag, 30. Juni 2018 um 09:30

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful country. Glad you are all having such exceptional weather for your tour. Looks like a great time.
Samstag, 30. Juni 2018 um 19:27

Samstag, 30. Juni 2018 um 00:32

Hey there Glen and Richard,

I looks like you travel bugs have found the European rhythm and you seem to enjoy Scotland now Since there are only pictures of you guys with helmet only, I can only recognise you by your Japanese scarf, Glen

Have fun and enjoy the rides
Best regards, Angela
Samstag, 30. Juni 2018 um 07:57

Hello Angela
Yes in Scotland and the last day already
So much sun only
Looking for your next blog


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