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Best of Cuba CCB1904

Samstag, 6. April 2019 | Domenico Schiano Moriello | Nord- und Südamerika

Day 7, Varadero - Havana

After a wonderful week together, it's finally time to ride back to Havana! We took it easy in the morning, a relaxed breakfast and then we were ready to leave our hotel and cruise back to the capital city of the island. It was another beautiful day, we enjoyed a great lunch at Playa Jibacoa, visited Hemingway's house at Finca Vigia and went for an "old car ride" through Havana before dinner.

Bob, Bill, Matthew, David, Rick and David, thank you for a really unforgettable week!

The Varadero Marina in the morning
At the Bacunayagua bridge
David, Bob and David
Finca Vigia was the home of Ernest Hemingway for 20 years.
Back in Havana, 2019 is the 500th birthday of the city!
Boot beer, well done guys!
Havana is famous also for its many old cars, so we could not miss a ride before dinner!
fancy coffee
A walk through Habana Vieja, the old town
back at the hotel

Day 6, Remedios -Varadero

After a good breakfast at our "Casa Particular" (a sort of B&B) in Remedios, we were ready to hit the road again. We visited a cigar factory in Camajuani (unfortunately no pictures allowed) and then the "carretera central" took us to Jovellanos where we had lunch in the beautiful Finca Luna. From Jovellanos, it was only a short stretch to Varadero. Havana is getting closer!

Early morning in Remedios
This little town is so neat
Lunch at Finca Luna in Jovellanos
Visiting the Finca Luna
Coffee beans
Reached Varadero, this is the house that belonged to Al Capone!
Hello from Varadero!
A little bit windy today!

Day 5, Cayo Santa Maria - Remedios

A short ride today, so we used the morning to relax at the beautiful beach of Cayo Santa Maria (what a perfect weather for that!) and then, after lunch, we quickly reached the beautiful little colonial town of Remedios. Along the road, the "Museo de la Industria Azucarera" was a very interesting visit!

Picture stop on the causeway that connects the "Cayos" (keys) to the mainland.
At the Museum of Sugar Industry
Guided visit to the museum
Old steam engine
The steam trains retirement home!
Bill and David
Our host welcomes us in Remedios
walking through the town historic centre

Day 4, Trinidad - Cayo Santa Maria

Today we crossed the whole island, from the southern coast to the northern one... and now we are very close to Bahamas because, to reach Cayo Santa Maria, we had to use a causeway that took us around 50 km far from mainland! Crossing Cuba is always amazing, passing through a variety of landscapes and also rural areas and villages that took us really back in time! Passing through Santa Clara, it was a must to pay homage to Che Guevara, one of the heroes of Cuban revolution. Stay tuned!

At the Manaca Iznaga tower, the most famous landmark of the Valle de los Ingenios, once the core of sugar production in Cuba.
Cuba is very green!
At the mausoleum and museum dedicated to Che Guevara in Santa Clara
At the derailed train in Santa Clara, here the final battle of the recolution took place.
Last break before hitting the causeway
Our hotel

Day 3, Cienfuegos - Trinidad

Impossible to leave Cienfuegos without visiting its beautiful historic centre, a Unesco World Heritage site. This town is different from all the others in Cuba because it was founded by french settlers, and still nowadays you can feel a different flair. The "Sierra del Escambray", the second highest mountain range of Cuba, was on our menu today, and we could not miss a visit at the beautiful waterfall of "El Nicho". And tonight dinner out, downtown in Trinidad! Enjoy the pictures!

Early morning, and the Sierra del Escambray in the distance
Fidel Castro slept in this room
Leaving the hotel
At El Nicho
Live music!
In the Sierra del Escambray
Some riding!
Last coffee break...
... and time for a nap!
A walk through Trinidad before dinner
Sunset in Trinidad
Buen provecho!
At the Casa de la Musica

Day 2, Havana - Cienfuegos

What a perfect weather for the first ride of this tour! Before leaving Havana, we visited the famous "Plaza de la Revolucion", and then of course rode the 6 kilometres of the "Malecon", before hopping on the highway. Arriving at the Bay of Pigs, we had lunch and then we also went to see the "Cueva de los Peces", before finally reaching Cienfuegos!

Ready to go!
At the Plaza de la Revolucion
Riding on the Malecon of Havana
At the Laguna del Tesoro
Crystal clear water in the Bay of Pigs
First group picture

Day 1, Welcome to Havana!

Welcome to Havana, the Capital city of the wonderful island of Cuba, where another great tour is about to begin, please follow us!


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Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2019 um 14:04

This is a very Amazing and Very Informative Article we get a lot of pieces of information from this article we really appreciate your teamwork keep it up and keep posting such informative articles.
Bob Spohrer
Montag, 8. April 2019 um 13:52

Many thanks to you, Anivar and your team. This was a great adventure. Fascinating scenery, wonderful people and important history. All of us had a wonderful time and will have these memories for many years to come. We all hope to ride with you again, maybe in Napoli!.
Domenico Schiano
Samstag, 20. April 2019 um 18:17

Thank you very much Bob, I'm going to share some pictures with all of you! Take care and ride safe, it was a privilege to meet you!


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