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Alps Extreme at its best

Samstag, 22. Juni 2019 | Marc Adamiak / Malcolm Brunelli | Europa

Day 7: Dobbiaco (Italy) - Mieming (Austria)

Last riding day. Now, we complete our loop, back to Mieming.
Best weather and espresso in an amazing scenery.
Andrew, enjoying bis Strudel
Our northamerican friends tried Kaiserschmarrn - and loved it!
We reached the top...
...crossed the border into Austria...
...and when the rain started, we visited the motorcycle museum at the mountain.
Your tour guides, Malcolm and Marc say "thank you for a great time"!

Day 6: Levico Terme - Dobbiaco

Malcolm fights with the big map...
...of which everyone then could copy the route.
Imagine perfect weather, neverending curves and you with a motorcycle - we were in that lucky situation... Again!
Andrew tries a new model.
Lunchtime in the Dolomites
Group photo at Passo di Giau
What a breathtaking view from the hotel in Dobbiaco!

Day 5: Rest day loop near lake Garda

A restday on an extreme tour can just mean that everybody wants to ride more and more!!!

After just 5km we already start to climb the Kaiserjaegerweg, an incredible old Austrian military road built in the mountain just over Levico and Caldonazzo. Amazing!

But that was just the start, we reach the main valley and instead of taking the highway we ride on roads that are impossible to find if you aren't a local!!! From no cars at all, all in a sudden we get to Riva del Garda directly at the lake and it seems that every tourist is also here! Soon we leave traffic behind and ride up to the Terrace of Thrill were we have a gorgeous view over all the lake (the biggest in Italy).


If we want a coffee we better keep moving the reach lake Idro... And obviously the way there is just the perfect motorcycle route!

Another 280km day... We are all tired but incredibly happy

Nice, curvy roads, perfect (warm) weather, cool tunnels and fantastic scenery - on our way to lake Garda.
A quick coffee in the shade
Lunch with a view on lake Garda
Another wonderful and swinging bit towards lake Idro
Italian dinner in a local brewery restaurant (find the !pink! burger...)

Day 4: Passo Mendola - Levico Terme

The sky is blue and the roads are awaiting us. 

From Mount Penegal we ride the incredible passo Mendola, perfect pavement and countless curves, and suddenly we pass through Bolzano, the capitol city of the province of Bolzano! Just the time to get pass it and we head towards some twisty road with no traffic. A little stop to rest, some good loughs and we are already on top of Passo Palade. Time for coffee!!!

"what do you want to eat?"


"then let's reach Lake Molveno and have one"....

Arrived there, the mood in the little village is incredible, but sadly we have more curves in front of us... The famous Monte Bondone with its twisty road used for mountain races is just some kilometers away!

At the end of the day we reach Levico Terme... Almost 300km and another perfect day


Wood art at our coffee stop at Palade pass
Mmmhhhh, Pizza!
Nice coffee spot near Monte Bondone
Americans enjoy the shade - Greeks, the sun!

Day 3: Fiss - Passo Mendola (Italy)

Riding day number two and we alredy go to Itay and on its highest pass!

Today we left the lovely town of Fiss in Tyrol and headed south towards Passo Resia, not before riding 13km of an incredible twisty road in Switzerland!

As soon as we reached Italy the clouds disappearef and the sun came out like no other day. We reached Glorenza, a nice little medieval city and from there we coulf already see the mountains around passo Stelvio. Soon we left and everyone rode the 48 switchbacks of the south tyrolean side of the Stelvio pass on their own. Just a little traffic and soon we reachef the top. Hard work but Bruno's sausages with brown bread made everything seem just great!

Couple of pictures and we were already heading towards passo Gavia that awaited us with snow walls on the sides of the road! Magnificent!

After a short rest we headef towards the Non valley, famous for it's apples and apparently for a great ice-cream!!!!

240km on the clock and we were still not done! 30 more km full of nice sweepers and we reached our hotel on the top of mount Penegal....the 360° view is amazing!

Daily briefing at the bikes.
Cows crossing on the right spot!
The medieval city of Glorenza
Ffiiiiiinnaaaaallyyyyy: yesterday, they opened Stelvio pass!
We all enjoyed the outstanding saussage at Bruno's!!!
Also Gavia pass was open...
...where one still can see a lot of snow - but... so what - weather was excellent!
Ice-cream with a view!
What a view from our hotel at Monte Panegale

Day 2: Mieming - Fiss (Austria)

First day of riding!

Everyone already started the engines and we are not even done with the briefing =)

We take it easy but after 15km we started climbing the first mountain towards Kuthai to enjoy a tasty austria apple Strudel!!!! We should have skipped breakfast!!!!

Leaving Kuthai we enjoy the nature and ride towards Hochimst where we will have a light lunch and more important where we will ride the roallercoaster!!! SOOOO MUCH FUN, almost like a motorbike!!!

We jumped on our motorcycles again and headed towards the Kaunertaler glacier....the toll road up there is empty and just astonishing! 2700m and we feel a little bit cold!

Luckily on the wait down the temperature increases and we can soon reach our hotel in Fiss!



Approx. 1 hour after start:
We HAD TO stop for the delicious apple strudel!
Next topic was a lift ride...
...good, typical lunch...
...alcoholFREE beer...
...and back down with the coaster!
#46... Is that Valentino?!?
"Garcher Blick", a beautiful view into the Ötz valley
A wonderful road took us up to the Kaunertal glacier
A view down on just one part of the nice route, we took

Day 1: Guided City Tour Innsbruck and welcome to the tour

Adrian, quite impressed by Innsbruck's history
The famous golden roof (Goldenes Dachl), surrounded by beautiful ancient buildings
River Inn carries a loooot of water (melting snow and last days rain)
View onto Innsbruck from "Hungerburg"
Still snow up there
Great spot for lunch, with an amazing view!
View from lower Mieming towards north
Everyone is looking forward to what they get presented about the tour at the welcome briefing.


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Dienstag, 18. Juni 2019 um 20:26

Hey Adrian,
Switch Backs, Mountain Tops, Ice Cream, and Afpel Struddle.
Would be difficult not to smile !!!

Ride on,


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