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Alps Extreme - take it to the limit!

Samstag, 21. September 2019 | James Ashton | Europa / Italien

The Dolomites! Doesn't get much better than this

Day 1 - Mieming to Fiss

Our first coffee stop - the best Apple Strudel in the Alps!
Yep, that's the strudel
Keith, Cindy & Steve
You Like It? Bike It!
Ready to roller coaster!
Gachen Blick, and the fantastic view into the Inn valey
It's a tough life
All the ducks lined up in a row
Richard enjoys some more strudel!
The Kaunertal Glacier, at 2750 meters above sea level
Alison making her way down from the glacier
Keith, Cindy and a glacier
Justin. Always with a smile
Brian on his GS
Curves, curves, curves
Remember to share the road
Precision parking

Day 2 - Fiss to Penegal

The day begins - it's cold out!
The sunken church at Lake Reschen
Glurns and our coffee stop; The Green Tree
A spectacular view from Offenpass down into the valey
Furcola Pass on the border between Italy and Switzerland
Motorcyclists and ice cream
Ice cream and motorcycles
Richard documents the occasion
Roses and thorns; which one's which?
Lake Santa Guistina
Steve enjoys the view from Penegal
All in a hard days work, right?

Day 3 - Penegal to Levico Therme

Another great day or riding with great weather! And now we're into the "real" Italy!

We woke this morning above the clouds
Everybody lined up at Gampenjoch
Molveno Lake
Not a bad spot for lunch
To blokes from Atlanta just horsing around

Day 4 - A "rest" day ride to Lake Garda

Brian takes the curves like a pro
Mr and Mrs. Seaman coming around the bend
Matt makes easy work of the curves
Our rest day riders
A great view back down towards Levico Therme
Ready to ride!
A typically Italian coffee stop
Our first glimpse of Lake Garda
Lunch with a view
It's a long way to the bottom
Keith hangs on
On the edge
Smiles for miles
Lake Idro
Brian and Alison getting to know the locals

Day 5 - Levico to Tobblach

Just shows us how to be seen in the clouds
Manghen Pass
Riding through the clouds
Passo Rolle
Magnet shopping!
Steve thought he was supposed to get his leg out, not his knee...
Brian and Alison
Passo di Giau - spectacular!
Lake Misurina

Day 6 - Toblach to Mieming

Clouds above Toblach
A chilly start to the day
Brian takes in the last views of the Dolomites from Würzjoch
Steve and Tim, our 2 enthusiastic GS riders
Justin on his XR
The whole team together at the top of Jaufenpass
Richard and Keith take a look at other motorcyclists cornering techniques from our lunch stop
"The Atlanta Boys", atop Timmelsjoch
Brian admires some of the bikes on display in the motorcycle museum
Tim amongst the old-timers
Meanwhile our non-museum team enjoys a coffee on the terrace


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Mittwoch, 18. September 2019 um 17:44

Hello Cindy from Colorado,

Best Greethings from Wilma and Klaus (Fred)
Walking arount the Lake of Levico
Thank you and all the best
Samstag, 21. September 2019 um 18:10

Fred and Wilma you made my hike around the lake so much fun. Thank you again for taking pity on me and giving up one of your waters. Wish you all the best.
Adam Gibby
Montag, 16. September 2019 um 12:44

Have fun young. Looks great. Excited to see what all is out there. Ride safe.
Montag, 16. September 2019 um 13:18

Awesome! Be safe and have some fun for us.


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