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RTS1903 - Sicily to Rome

Donnerstag, 24. Oktober 2019 | John Partridge / Malcolm Brunelli | Europa / Italien

Riding Day 5: Parghelia to Acquafredda

Christ the redeemer...

..and some people who could use a little redeeming..

Don't look down..!

Riding Day 4: Taormina to Parghelia

The plan of action...arrividerci Sicily and caio mainland Italy!

One last glance over the breathtaking view at Taormina bay..

Breakfast on the terrace with our birthday boy Hans...

Celine with three Costra Nostra looking types at Francis Ford Coppola's favourite Sicily location...

After her scrape with those three guys in Forza d'Agro..Celine asks for a 24 hr round the clock protection detail...

Following a Sicilian "10 minute" wait the ferry finally sets sail...

Tom takes in some fresh air on the crossing...

Lunch at the beach in Scilla.

...and what a beach!

Celine dives in a cornfield and produces a shepherd, complete with sheepdogs, flock...and a wooden staff.

How did she do that?!

Riding Day 2: Agrigento to Cefalù

Today's route. Mountain Curves and Mafiosi..!

Leaving the Valley of Temples..

The depth of history and culture on this incredible island is mind blowing.

Don't disrespect the Edelweiss family.

Good spot for a picnic.

Who said work can't be fun...?!
Pierre feeds the pony.
Ice cream and beards don't mix...but who cares!

Day Zero

Preparations are done, the bikes are ready, the gang are briefed on the "rules" of Italian traffic, the route is planned...and Etna is errupting....



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