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CAL2105 Alps and Lakes

Montag, 4. Oktober 2021 | Claudia Wodarz / Michaela Achatzi | Europa

Welcome to Erding

This short tour leads us along fantastic LAKES, from the south of Germany up to the highest and most extensive mountain range system in Europe the ALPS!

Sightseeing in Munich, Robin and Orval were delighted with all the culture

English Garden infront of the China tower
A coach full of beer, this is Bavaria :P
Orval the police man visit the police department
The famous Marienplatz in Munich
The size of a Oktoberfest beer, one Maß please or two
The XR welcomes the guests at the starthotel
Time to unload the bikes for our riders of this tour
First transport for Claudia, well mastered
Thx to the garage team and Michaela!
TEAMWORK makes the dream work
Flipchart with the tour on it
Welcome briefing with a absolute rarity 2 female Tourguides!
Dinner time, cheers and prost
Bavaria offers the best beer there is, and Edelweiss the best ride there is
Salat on pretzel dumplings carpaccio with mushroooms and pumpkins
Young pork roast with red cabbage and dumplings
Erdings chocolate mousse
what an delicious dinner

Riding Day 1 - Erding to Salzburg

The first riding day starts with a surprise for Ricks birthday, a motorcycle and a tool made out of chocolate, muffins with candles and a drawing just made for him. 
Isn't it a perfect start?!

On this sunny day we start on bavarians backroads, with a cozy ride to Wasserburg's Brucktor the arch is from the 14. century and was used for Salttransportation.

At the next stop awaits us King Ludwig II. castle Herrenchiemsee at the Herreninsel an island on the Chiemsee lake also the Bavarian sea called, it's the biggest lake in Bavaria and the third biggest in Germany. 

The castle based on the model of Versailles, was one of King Ludwig's last building projects he only had the opportunity to stay there for a few days in September 1885. 

After this gorgeous highlight we continue riding along the lake for the first sight of the alps which are getting closer, just across the border of Austria is the beautiful city of Salzburg the fourth largest city in Austria and the birthplace of the famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Happy Birthday Rick!
May all your wishes come true
Motorcycles are not just for riding, sometimes you can eat them too
The Master map, and a little sketch of the route
the beautiful little town of Wasserburg
we go by ship
a relaxed ride in a horse-drawn carriage
Herrenchiemsee Castle from King Ludwig ll.
A castle modeled on Versailles. Built from 1878 until the king died in 1886
Border crossing in Europe
Birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1756, he lived here until he was 17 years old
In 1890 Peter Fürst created the famous Mozartkugel
Café Fürst opened in 1884, with it’s bakery and pastry shop
The dome in the back where Mozart was baptized, and a little chapel of 1401 at the cemetery of St. Peter
Dinner in the baroque hall at St. Peter’s Stiftskulinarium which is operating for 1200 years
We enjoyed a concert at the dinner how it might have taken place during Mozart’s time
It’s said that Columbus also have enjoyed a beer here before sailing to America
What a gorgeous evening!

Riding Day 2 - Salzburg to Gmunden

Today we leave Salzburg with a little bit of rain, we ride back over Bavaria to visit the Kehlsteinhaus (Eagles Nest). On a altitude of 1834 meter the entry of it is from a 124 meter high elevator thru a 3 meter high tunnel which is also 124 meter long. It was used exclusively by members of the Nazi Party for government and social meetings. It was visited by Adolf Hitler on 14 documented instances, but he disliked the location due to his fear of heights.

After our visit the clouds moved and the sun showed up, just in time for the ride on the Roßfeld panoramic road, Germans highest panoramic road with a view of Salzburg and the Salzach Valley.

We return to Austria and climb up a pass called Postalm, where we have a delicious lunch stop with typical Austrian dishes, served by a absoluty funny waiter. The narrow and windy roads brings us down the valley, where we soon reach Traunsee a lake framed by steep mountains. 

Here directly on the lake in the idyllic village of Gmunden we spend the night.

The ride of today
Jason enjoying the view
What an picture of Kurt, wow!
Kehlsteinhaus on the top, and the entry thru the tunnel on the bottom
The rare Edelweiss

Riding Day 3 - Gmunden to Kaprun

Today we'll know why this tour is called the alps and lakes, four lakes and over three passes are on the route of this fantastic riding day.  
In Bad Ischl we have our first stop for a coffee where the emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Elisabeth "Sissi" had their summer Residenz the Kaiservilla. 

Along the Valley with some smooth curves we come to our highlight of the day Hallstatt a UNESCO world heritage and known for its production of salt dating back to prehistoric times.  A replica of Hallstatt is in a province of the southern of China which costs about 940 million dollar to built. But we will experience the village from above, to have the best view we drive up with a funicular and have a walk on the skywalk to get a gorgeous view.

It's noon so some of us are hungry, there's a nice restaurant over here let's have a sausage. But Michaela is really hard and let them stay hungry because she knows a better place for lunch, so nobody's understand it for the moment but a bit later they will...because after a 5 km ride we stop at a lake where a closed snack bar is but there is the van and Claudia already welcomes the group and surprises with a delicious picnic. In front of the last hotel was a local market where she got all that good cheese, sausage, fruits, vegetables and fresh bread from. 
Now a after lunch nap would be fine, Robin has the perfect idea to refresh and she switched in the Van from riding gear to swimsuit for a quick swim in the Hallstätter Lake. 

The ride goes on, the mountain passes awaits us where the Alps show up with their beautifullest face. In best riding mood we hit the passes and come up in the little village Kaprun on the bottom of the highest mountain of Austria the breathtaking Großglockner. 

Route today
Lovely breakfast room in our hotel
Everybody is ready to roll
Happy Tourguide Michaela
Coffee Stop in Bad Ischl
the well-know "Stollen" particularly tasty
Hallstätter See, you think you ar looking in a mirror, so clear
Up with the funicular to a breathtaking view at the Skywalk
Jason enjoy the fantastic view , on top the Hallstätter See
Hallstätter See
Picnic spot
Claudia is very proud of her picnic, thank you it was delicious
Yes she did it, and that’s the proof
CUP Denmark
Is a good option
the last meters to our Hotel today
The hotel in Kaprun has a lot of history
Patty and the Owner from the Hotel have a nice dance
Awesome dinner again

Restday - Kaprun

Our rest day in Kaprun turns into a real rest day, it's a rainy and foggy day so we make the best of it, that's our specialty  

The tourist destination Zell am See-Kaprun is known for the glacier Kietzsteinhorn, and a year round sports center. From the valley you can use the tramway to the mountain at 3029 meter height and have a panoramic view of this magnificent area!

After breakfast we walk in the hotels basement with their impressive old-timer museum, Helmut Vötter has been collecting rear vehicles for over 30 years. His dream was a BMW Isetta he assumed he would never be able to afford this small car. But with this Isetta his passion for collecting and restoring old historic cars started. 

The weather still is rainy and the Webcam on the Grossglockner shows just very misty views, so we have to do the sad desicion not to ride today. Some of us worked out, relaxed in the spa area or went on the glacier with the tram.

At the evening we have a nice walk thru the little town, to our restaurant with a perfect view over the valley. They don't just offer savoury food, aside from that you can try the homemade schnaps. 

Helmut Vötter
The history of motorcycles
Hotel spa
Follow the yellow umbrella
Kaiserschmarren mhhhhhhhh
To much Food For tomorrow at lunch
Mystical walk after dinner

Riding Day 4 - Kaprun to Erding

We have to say good bye to the alps and lakes, we ride on the last winding roads passing Zell am See, and have the first coffee stop at Pillersee.

Shortly we cross the border into Germany where we ride on the last pass of this tour the Sudelfeldpass, it's part of the German alproad and on 1123 meter height. The alproad also called the across alproad is one of the oldest vacation road, which leads almost exclusively thru the Bavarian alps with around 450 km stretching from Bodensee into the Berchtesgadener Land in West-East direction and reversed. With a tasty and warming up lunch stop the ride goes on thru the smooth Bavarian country roads. 
The sun comes out and it's warming up, so everyone could enjoy the ride. We arrive in Erding, Michaela is happy to got us back and awaits us with a Boot Beer! 

Patty and Helmut gone wild
Details of the Hotel are so lovely everywhere
The Last Briefing on this Tour
KSA, kickstand up
there they go
Lake Pillersee
The morning started cold, good that the waiter offers a blanked and hot water bottles. Look at that happy faces of Kurt and Andy
Currywurst and Fries, always a good Choice
Giving introductions to the photographer
The new Edelweiss Family members
Maypole of Aying
Boot beer!
Orval won’t leave the bike
That’s us the Tourguides,
Claudia & Michaela aka Sugar & Spices
so called us the group


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Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2021 um 23:26

Such a wonderful adventure. Thanks so much to our outstanding tour guides and our fantastic group for the best ride ever. See you again soon…Iceland 2022 anyone?
Bob Roney
Mittwoch, 29. September 2021 um 23:08

Looks like fun, wish I was there. Did this trip several years ago. Have fun Rick and Jana!
Richard Roney
Mittwoch, 29. September 2021 um 22:59

Great blog you two, really liked the birthday celebration and outstanding dinner with Happy Birthday wishes from the Mozart singers and quartet
Many great finding days since then-no bad days!
Thomas Ritt
Mittwoch, 29. September 2021 um 08:56

Outstanding blog, ladies! Great pics! Well done!
Enjoy the rest of your tour, everybody!
Robin Stuckemeyer
Freitag, 1. Oktober 2021 um 11:12

Thank you Thomas for the wonderful tour of Munich! I think we set a steps goal, but it was worth it, seeing so much culture and history.

I think we got the two best tour guides for the Alps and Lakes tour! So much fun, so much laughter, so much energy. It's a trip we'll cherish forever!
Thomas Ritt
Montag, 4. Oktober 2021 um 13:47

What a great day in Munich that was! And the tour.... wow, I wish I could have come along! I'm glad you all had such a great time. Looking forward to seeing you again. And still trying to hunt down that patch of Munich Airport Fire Department...
Michaela Achatzi
Mittwoch, 29. September 2021 um 11:14

thanks Tom
Claudia Wodarz
Mittwoch, 29. September 2021 um 09:46

Thank you so much Tom! That means a lot to us, we all have a fabulous time!


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