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The Ultimate Alpes Tour CUA2201

Samstag, 2. Juli 2022 | Dominik Nattkamp / Uwe Hausleitner | Europa

The journey begins with a brilliant day. On the way to the Stelvio Pass under best conditions

Happy people at an epic place in Tirol - Gacher Blick

On the way to Stelvio Pass (riding day 1)

On the Reschenpass
On the way up to Stelvio the queen of passes
On top of the alps......yes we did it!!
Ohh no!!......30 minutes before we arrive in the hotel the last pass are closed.
We need an extra detour with small traffic jam and beautiful landscape
.....but the riding was save and we all arrived hungry in our hotel. The bootbeer was nice and the mood was very good.

Switzerland with a touch of Italy (riding day 2)

The sun woke us up in the morning
Breakfast at its best
Riding with Edelweiss also means top of the class lunch. In that case original Italian pizza
A view from our hotel....without any words
Evening atmosphere at the hotel

The most famous swiss passes and Zermatt (riding day 3)

Uwe and Dominik with the "Picasso" for today
Let´s go...
We are ready
Under best conditions on the Vierwaldstättersee
After a lot of fog we found a perfect place for a photostop
Uwe presented us today a beautiful picknick
Drinks and more
Even the lunch was happy today.
After the refreshment we go back to the valley

The Italian feeling (riding day 4)

Today we had a lot of liquid sun

From the Swiss Caribbean in Lugano to the high mountain village Madonna di Campiglio (riding day 5)

Having breakfast on a nice terrace in the sunshine
Birthdays are always very good reasons to get some extra cakes. Happy Birthday!!!
First Ferry of the day. Blue water, great views.
at the ferry
somewhere at one of the passes we take rest for a while
nice bikes at a nice place
a wonderful brake
Our horses waiting for their riders. Even they enjoy the surroundings.
Some chairs just would not fit in the living room. Out here, they look great.
There was a misunderstanding, these are not our horses...
As mentioned above, celebration time. Here comes the champagne.
Our Birthday girl of the day was enjoying some very nice words from her husband.
And so did we. What a nice way to celebrate with all the new friends met on tour. Once more Happy Birthday!

On the way to the Dolomites (riding day 6)

The picknick is waiting for the riders
After visiting San Romedio, all of us are taking the chance to refill our very own energy level with this great picknick in the shadow, next to a very small stream. You can hear the water and the birds and taste specialities of Bella Italia.
The view from the Penegal is spectacular. You can see the whole valley and the highest peaks of the Dolomites at the horizon. I think the faces are saying everything. Happy people on the Best Ride there is!
By the way, do you see the nice little road at the right lower corner of the picture? This is our way down to Bozen. What a ride...

Inside the dolomites (rest day)

first stop at the "Kaserer Bild".
Lunch at Passo Giau
Passo Giau....at its best
The Cappuccino Break at Passo di Costalunga
A good and cold drink after a great loop at the rest day

Back to Austria (Riding day 7)

Our first pass of the day Penser-Joch. See the happy faces...
Such happy faces are also making the Tourguide happy, as you can see.
The second pass of the day - Jaufenpass. And all of this before lunch.
And on our way to the third pass of the day - Timmelsjoch!
What do riders do, if they get off their motorcycle? You guessed it, hop on other motorcycles. A great opportunity to try the simulator at the Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum at Timmelsjoch.


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