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Adventure North Cape ANC2201 - erstmals seit 2019

Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2022 | Arild Korstadhagen / Angela / Felix Gregor Huber | Europa

1. Fahrtag

Edelweiss Bike Travel ist zurück in Norwegen und das erste Abenteuer Nordkap seit 2019 ist unterwegs.

Eine große Gruppe von 20 Gästen schaffte es trotz einiger Flugprobleme rechtzeitig nach Ålesund. Heute Morgen startete die Gruppe bei typischen Sommerbedingungen an der Westküste – grauer Himmel und etwas feucht. Aber das war uns egal, da die Landschaft sowieso fabelhaft ist. Angela führte eine Gruppe von 17 Motorrädern von Ålesund entlang an Fjorden und über Pässe nach Sunndalsøra. Die heutige Fahrt drehte sich viel um Trolle, da sowohl die berühmte Trollleiter gefahren, als auch die Trollwand besichtigt wurde.

Die Trollleiter
Die allseits bekannte Motorrad-Trolldame
Trolle gibts nicht nur in Norwegen - selbst bei Edelweiss gibts welche
Trollveggen - Die Trollwand
Wir sind heute alle gut in unserem Hotel angekommen

4th ridingday Overhalla to Sandnessjøen

This day is all about Costal Road 17 and includes three ferry rides on our way to Sandnessjøen. Even thoug it was a bit cloudy the scenery along the Helgeland Coastline is breathtaking and the roads are entertaining.

The pack and the mothership is ready for another glorius day.
The wait for the ferry is a part of life here.

7th riding day - Svolvær to Harstad

The day started with a moist raid from Svolvær to the ferry dock in Fiskebøl. There where a bit of sea, so we had to tie the bikes down during the short voyage to Melbu. From there we went to Stokmarknes where we visited the museum of the Hurtigruten - the ferry line that has connected the coast from Bergen to Kirkenes since 1893.

We practiced some seaman skills.
Got iur pictures taken.
Had a few laughts.
Our captain oversaw the loading of his old Ford Taunus 17m on deck
The guys having lunch.
The seagull wanting to steal the guys' lunch.
And the we rounded it all up with some shuffle board before dinner in Harstad.

8th riding day - Harstad to Kvænangfjellet

We left Harstad in the morning sun, and for the first day on this tuor the sun kept on shining on us througout the day...

...and into the night. We are now really in the land of the midnight sun!

We are getting closer!

10th riding day - Alta to Lakselv

Today we reached North Cape! After many wet days we very lucky enough to get calm winds and a sunny 20C/68f on our way.

What a gloriuos day it was!

11th riding day - Lakselv to Enontekiö

Finnmark Plain is the core area of the sami rain herding culture. To day we rode across the plain from Lakselv via Karasjok and Kautokeino, befor we crossed into Finlans Lappland. In Karasjok the Sami museum was visited, and in Kautokeino we went by JuhlsSilversmith. Both interesting places that gives an insight to the sami culture. 

Group photo in the making.
Sami museum in Karasjok.
Juhls silversmith in Kautokeino.
Glen got a front seat watching the founder of Juhls working on her art.
Andrew looking serious before we cross into Finland.
...and then the tour guide had to try to look as cool.


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George Vernon
Mittwoch, 10. August 2022 um 18:28

What a fantastic tour! This was worth the wait of 3 years to finally take this tour. Norway is so much more scenic than I imagined!! Many twisty and well maintained roads, beautiful fjords and villages, mountains and waterfalls and yes...even Trolls. We had a large group that was truly international from countries like Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, UK and USA. Some wonderful friendships were made and lasting memories too! I want to especially thank our tour guides Angela, Arild and Felix for taking care of us and making this tour so enjoyable. I look forward to my next Edelweiss adventure!
Arild Korstadhagen
Donnerstag, 11. August 2022 um 00:15

Thank you for your kind words Vernon. It was a bit moist at times, but most of all a fun and memorable tour with a great group of riders. It was our pleasure to guide you all on your way up north.
Jim Ratzlaff
Dienstag, 19. Juli 2022 um 17:09

Hi Eric, Have a great trip. Hope you can do the World Tour at some point.
Jim from Grand Alps Tour
Michaela Achatzi
Dienstag, 26. Juli 2022 um 22:46

Hi Jim
How are you ?
Michaela Achatzi
Sonntag, 17. Juli 2022 um 22:55

Hey Eric
Nice to see you
Have fun.
Best Michaela


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