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NTC2303 Norwegen Touring Center

Sonntag, 13. August 2023 | Angela | Europa

A group of "happy campers" on motorcycles you can see here on our blog on the Edelweiss Norway Touring Center  

Not only happy, but also colourful riders, as you can see as well  

As Norway is one of those countries that are attractive travel destinations for people from all around the world, we too, have again a mixed group of riders on this tour. They arrived from Germany, from Switzerland, from the USA and also riders from beautifully sunny and warm Italy have made it all the way up into the cooler regions of Norway.

Tag 1: Fahrt zur Atlantikstraße

Frank from Switzerland is very happy to start into a great first riding day of his motorcycle vacation
As our first riding day took us to Norway's famous Atlantic Road, we also took the opportunity to pass by the small village of Bud, where you can visit the remains of the bunkers from WW II
At the beginning of the Atlantic Road you get to spot the different streams curling into each other in different directions.
Brett with his parents Neil and Liane
Diane is already an experienced Lady Edelweisser This time, however, she was riding her own motorcycle instead of being a passenger. But wait a sec... this is too much rider for this bike Here you see her husband John, thinking of trying out a different bike

Tag 2: Fahrt entlang der Fjorde

It goes without saying: one of Norway's biggest attractions are the fjords which the country is covered with almost around its entire coast. And as they come in all sorts of different shapes and looks, we dedicated today's rides to riding around as many fjords as we could find.

Obviously, being near a fjord it also involves taking a fair number of ferries. They are also a welcome break for a coffee or a little chat about motorcycles, of course.
Here is Carsten from Germany with his 1600 GT
Carsten and the colour green... it seems to be Carsten's favourite colour. And I can tell, because I very much had to guard my coffee mug of the same colour, that he, obviously was constantly drawn to ...
Riding along fjords, of course, has mountains on the one side and ...
... and water on the other side.
Diane and John from the USA have been travelling quite a bit together. Many times already in Norway.
Most fascinating for me here in Norway are the numerous green roofs all over the place. It makes houses look like they are melting into their backgrounds.
Here she comes roaring by - Motorcycle lady Di
Brett had great fun, too, roaring around the streets on the KTM
Aiaiaiai.... what are these people doing there ?
During a stop along the road we were attracted by these raspberry bushes, which were considerably lighter afterwards
There is no more to say but mazing roads and stunning views

Tag 3 Stipvisite bei den Trollen

Well, there is no substantial proof of trolls that have been spotted here in Norway. But at least we had to go and make sure what it is all about the famous Norwegian Trollstigen Road.
We finally found out by riding our motorcycles up and around the corner. Sounds about the right description to getting to the place of mystical creatures, ey?
And look, indeed we found one
Even more of them around another corner
And yes, it is also true that trolls are avid motorcycle riders ;P
How many people can you pack into a picture, still see a little bit of the Trollstigen, without rolling down the mountain?

Lets see, there are Mike, John, Becky, Diane, Liana, Greg and Angela
Trollstigen is a busy place during the day
Passing by the mouth of the Geiranger Fjord at the end of the day.

Tag 4: Ausflug zur Vogelinsel Runde

Yes, we had a bit more rain on our ride to the bird island Runde. But happy riders sure don't mind. They take on their waterproof layers and just continue riding.
We unanimously agreed, that the bridges crossing over to Runde island, definitely can compete with the ones on the Atlantic Road
Unfortunately, due to the weather the boats to the big rock where the puffins are breeding were not going out today.
But we still got to see and learn a lot about these unique birds at the exhibition in the visitor center. We were also able to see a fantastic and very interesting movie about these birds.


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Judi and Brian
Montag, 7. August 2023 um 17:12

One of the most amazing & unique tours! We took home lots of good memories. Hi Angela!
Angela de Haan
Sonntag, 13. August 2023 um 17:59

Hi Judi and Brian,
how nice to her from you !! Very often I am thinking back of our last year's Touring Center and the great pictures you were taking.
I hope you are doing well and have another motorcycle adventure waiting for you soon.
Big hugs, Angela
Ted Goslinga
Samstag, 5. August 2023 um 10:41

Say hello to John and Diane. I think I was there already before with them!
Diane & John
Samstag, 5. August 2023 um 18:45

Hi Ted,
We rode with you on The Viking Experience. This time I was on my own bike and I learned a lot from my mother hen, Angela.
Hoping to ride with you again.
Ted Goslinga
Sonntag, 6. August 2023 um 19:36

Hi Diane and John, good to hear from you again! Great that you riding your own bike now ! Yes , I ‘m sure mother hen is a great riding coach. Have a great time !!
Ted Goslinga
Samstag, 5. August 2023 um 10:39

Hi Angela, I see that your facing the ‘real’Norway weather once more
Angela de Haan
Sonntag, 13. August 2023 um 18:01

Hi Ted,
yes indeed, Norway's liquid sunshine was washing the country again
But currently we are more lucky and get to see a bit of the real sun as well.
Have fun, too, where ever you are right now.


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