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High Alpine Tour SPT1228 Alps with flavours from India.

Montag, 2. Juli 2012 | Edelweiss Bike Travel | Europa

A group of braves from India and USA is here to demonstrate that love to the Alps, has no borders. Friedly people that are always smiling, makes the ambient, the better to enjoy the roads on the mountains.

Departure from Seefeld on this occasion, after welcome breafing.

All ready to enjoy your first day in the Alps.

First stop, the spectacular views of the cascade of Krimml. This group love to see how nature makes natural sources as grand as this.

Lunch time! and what better to stop at Mittersill, in the middle of the Honey Festival. Music and food of the place put the finishing touch to a memorable moment of the day.

Here begins the ascent to the Grossglockner ... Who said fear? sure these guys enjoy every curve.

I told you! look at those smiles inside the helmet ... I know because I had the same under minel!

Another EdelweissTourGuide on the top of Grossglockner. Hola mamá!

come on guys, from here the view is spectacular.

The group leader, teaching people how to drive between the trees.

And today, we left Austria to enter Italy, enjoying the Dolomites.

I think they're having fund ... right? then wait a little, there is still the best of the Tour!

By the way, Congratulations to 2 of the menbers of the group, who met years during these days. Is there a better gift dissfrutar of these landscapes?

Perfect weather to dinner outside, in the super hotel in Bolzano.

Happys? I think so...

Now, all of them are enjoying the Old Town of Bolzano, in the rest day. Tomorrow... the Stelvio await us...

More and more photos from this amazing group...

It´s picnick time!

We saw many border at this tour.

At the top of the montains, one more time.

Ops! they catch me!

And after the delivery of official jerseys of the tour, final group photo.

They came to enjoy the Alps and we believe to be satisfied.

End of the trip and India Party in an especial Restaurant...

See you on the next tour!



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Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012 um 15:08

Hi guys,
it looks that you are having a great time!!!
Take it easy - Jens(Edelweiss Office)
Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012 um 16:54

Hey guys, great to watch your blog. Take care and have a fun ride!


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