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TOUR OF TUSCANY (BIT1202) - last photos

Samstag, 22. September 2012 | Alan Magnoni | Europa

Another good start for a great ride trough tuscany, umbria and marche. 3 beautiful regions in the center of Italy! Perfect weather to cruise along the area of chianti, the world famous wine!!

A few impressions from the van driver ...

Morning briefing at the Hotel in Firenze.

Tour Guide Ursula

everybody concentrated ...

leaving the hotel ..

..towards Greve for some wild boar sausages ...

Lynn and Michael Boots

...or smoked ham! up2u ..

Brian and Lori Payne

perfect roads and no traffic in the chianti area!!

and awesome curves

and a big support van following!

fantastic villages

great lunch stops

very good food!!

and then again some good riding!!!

So this is it for the first riding day! Greetings from Siena and keep following us!!


The rest day ride around Siena :

Mark and Lisa Kreplin

Brad, Kevin and Kent

Ursula and Steve

Day nr.3

coffe stop in Montalcino - unfortunately no wine stop ...

Lori, Michael, Rena and Brian.

italian style parking

Another great riding day from Siena towards Montalcino with an outstanding Edelweiss/Ursula picnic. Then a souther loop of lake trasimeno and finally cruising into Assisi. Great group, great people, great roads - great tour! And more is coming, that's for sure!! Keep following us ...

Rest day ride Assisi:

Only 3riders following me on the way up to the mountains of Sibillini! Awesome roads, great lunch, then back to Assisi! The group going with TG Ursula went to Orvieto, another pretty city south-west of Umbria.

Here some impressions:

men at work

Steve, Mark and Kent.

Steve with his new car ...

sunset in Assisi

Group photo this morning

leaving Assisi towards San Marino

greetings from the van driver


lunch stop after citta' di Castello towards bocca serriola

Manny at the race track of Misano Adriatico, dedicated to Super Sic 58

group photo

Brian, the man of page 54 from the last edition of our Edelweiss catalogue - we'd like to see him in the new one as well ...

So another tour just finished, everybody safe and happy in Florene and ready for the next tour with Edelweiss ...


good luck to everybody and hope to see you soon ...

Alan Magnoni



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Dienstag, 30. April 2013 um 07:21

Reading this post was a great pleasure, thanks for your efforts.
Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012 um 13:55

Hi all of you,
hope you are all home safe. What a great week, what a great group. Kevin - by the way, there was the Florence Marathon on Sunday...
Thanks Alan for the entertaining blog and the awesome pics.
Keep in touch
Rena & Michael
Sonntag, 30. September 2012 um 09:04

What a great experience!! Nice riding in beautiful country side....fun group. Hope everyone had as wonderful time as we did. We had such a good time we're thinking about doing New Zealand in January!
Deborah Morrison
Mittwoch, 26. September 2012 um 19:44

Photos are fantastic and you all look to be having a great time.
Ciao from Menaggio
Montag, 24. September 2012 um 22:31

Fantastic day, great riding, thanks for the experience and love the pics
Cindi Hill
Sonntag, 23. September 2012 um 23:36

Having a wonderful time on the tour. Thanks so much for posting the pictures for all of us to share. Looking forward to day 3!!


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