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It's over: Ducati Corsica-Sardegna-Tour 9SK1301

Thursday, May 23, 2013 | Marko Bauer | Europe

It's hard to believe, but our Ducati motorcycle tour of Corsica and Sardegna has come to an end. We are back in Bologna, with a big smile on our face! The last riding day offered a few more highlights: great mountain roads, an unforgettable lunch and finally the Ferrari Museum in Maranello...

The final dinner brought back lots of great memories - this tour will stay in our minds for a long time! Hopefully we will all meet again - the Edelweiss world is small!


We are back on the mainland - Sardegna and Corsica were spectacular! Today we crossed the northern part of Corsica on our way to the ferry. 4 hours later we reached Italy. And now we are in - well, guess yourself:


Rest day again! A clear blue sky made the decision easy: time to ride! The Asco valley was the destination for today. The valley can be described with one word: spectacular.

Andrew was here...

It is almost unreal: in the morning you have your Cafe au lait almost directlx at the ocean, two hours later you think you are in the Alps!

Anthony and Andrew at Asco

And the food up there is as spectacular as the views! Wild boar anybody?

In the evening we walked up to Calvi's famous fort or "Zitadelle", where Christopher Columbus was born!


Another "short" ride that took us all day: the west coast of Corsica is a motocyclist's dream - even though it was a bit hidden today by clouds and even some rain before lunch. But once we had reached Porto, the weather cleared up!

Anthony, Tracy, Axel and Richard in Porto

The afternoon was spent with a continuous mixture of left and right turns, interrupted by breathtaking scenery!

Richard and the incredible Diavel on the west coast of Corsica

And after a final bumpy stretch of road, which made the Ducati Multistradas feel right at home (no comment for the Diavel and Monster), we reached Calvi, where we will spend two days!



It's already late - we had a long day today. 200 km or 120 miles! But if you think, you can do that in 2 hours, you haven't been on a motorcycle tour in Corsica yet! Any road, where you can count the turns (Tail of the...) is like an Interstate compared to what we did today. For about 120 km (75 miles) there was no straight section at all!

The day started with a warmup-ride along the beach:

Anthony, Richard and David

And then the rollercoaster started:

Of course, there was a light lunch in between:


Vive la France! Even though nobody would have complained about another day in Alghero, our group of 9 had to keep going!

After a visit to the green coast, a.k.a. Costa Smeralda, we took the ferry to Corsica! Four thrilling days in Sardegna, filled with great motorcycle roads, breathtaking scenery and delicious food went by way to fast!

Facebook friends

But our first destination in Corsica helped us to get over it quickly. The medieval city, built on a cliff high above the Mediterranean, is just as beautiful as the Sardinian cities we have visited.

And the French cuisine is as good as we hoped it would be!


Rest day! Sleeping in feels great - and so does the ride. Those who decided not to rest, rode to Capo Caccia to take a look at the Mediterranean Sea!

Charlie,Axel,Andrew and Richard at Capo Caccia!

We successfully searched for a few twisty mountain roads and then continued to Alghero - so far we hadn't had Pizza yet and we can't leave Sardegna without it!

Finally it was time to head back to our hotel - there are worse places to spend a rest day:


The Sardinian road planners must be Ducati riders! Why else would there be a 150 km long road without any straight sections? Thank you!

Later we added a bit of culture at the UNESCO world heritage site Su Nuraxi:

Finally we reached the western shores - and the sunshine, which had disappeared for a while, returned!

The sunshine accompanied us on the picturesque (to be exact: incredibly picturesque) ride to Alghero!

And, following an old Edelweiss tradition, the day ended with a tasty dinner. Not so traditional: the new app that captured our mood:


The Ducatisti are on the way! We started yesterday with an interesting tour through the Ducati Factory and Museum in Bologna!

The group - just David and Axel are missing...

After the Ducati visit, it was time for lunch - Italian style! Organic farm products including great cheese and even better pasta - life is good!

Our lunch host, Paola, with Tracy and Anthony

Via Lucca we arrived at the coast, and after some more (sea-)food, we finally caught the ferry to Sardegna.

A smooth cruise brought us to the island, where we were greeted by raindrops. But the old trick worked again: put on the raingear and the rain will stop! Sunshine for the rest of the day

Right now we are in Arbatax and enjoy the pool and the sunshine!

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Tracy Quattropani
Sunday, June 2, 2013 at 16:49

Thanks for an amazing time! We miss everyone already! Can't wait for Tuscany! Thanks Marko & Axel
Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 21:55

great pictures, as nice landscape and really cool bikers keep on riding, have fun and enjoy the trip, guys
Roberto Zarate
Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 21:51

Charlie I love your adventure.
Sunday, May 26, 2013 at 11:04

I am jealous I am so going to Adelaide to get the new MTS ...but the GS has cruise control !!!!
Saturday, May 25, 2013 at 06:23

hope you have a nice and enjoyable trip
Friday, May 24, 2013 at 06:32

This is awesome, we are watching through you guys your tour of Italy


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