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SPT1336 Adriatic Sea and Mountains

Wednesday, June 5, 2013 | Angela | Europe

You want to travel through Croatia and Slovenia with a touch of Ireland? How do you think this will work...?

Well, just get a bunch of Irish guys over into these countries, give them motorcycles and enjoy a great time!

This tour is part of the Motorcycle Million,  a five-year project that aims to raise a quarter of a million Euro for Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin in Dublin, Ireland by travelling an accumlative one million kilometres. Already over €150,000 has been raised for this charity through Edelweiss tours and tours in Ireland and plans will soon be announced on the remaining two years of the project. You can read more about it on www.motorcyclemillion.ie.

The tour guides Angela and Christoph were guiding the gang already through Andalusia and are now looking forward to having a great time again with the lads

The bikes are ready to go and are waiting at the hotel in Treviso - Italy.

So are the all the guys from Ireland

Here are Jim & Shane...

...and one more Jim...

...together with Conor...

...and Ross and Pat...

...Jim and Rosaleen...

...and the tour guide of the day - Christoph...

...and last but not least - Johann Fox!

Soon after lunch we were crossing the border into Croatia! The day ended up in Opatija, a lovely town at the Croatian coast line that used to be popular as a wellness place for the nobility.

The next day brought us to the Croatian islands. And so we did some island hopping...

Relaxing and enjoying the sun on the ferry boat from Krk island to Rab island.

Amazing scenery on Rab island!

Lunch with motorcycle gear...??? The temperatures are worth taking them off just for the break.

For some strange reasons we did not fit all on the first ferry boat...   Our small "special" group on their way from Rab island back to the Croatian mainland.

Rosaleen, Johann and Conor are impressed by the fantastic scenery of the Mediterranean...

...as was everybody else in our group of riders!

Shy guys???

We spent the night in Otocac, a small town near the Bosnian border. The main attraction of our restday there, however, were the Plitvicka lakes! An unbelievable 16 (!) lakes, each connected by waterfalls, make for a stunning scenery!

Ferry boats take you over to the other side if you are tired of walking...

Of course, we couldn't spend the day without a half day's spin through the mountainous area close to the Bosnian border

Happy Shane

From Otocac we returned back into Slovenia today. Our overnight stay is near Novo Mesto.

Lunch stop in Karlovac, still in Croatia.

In many places here you can still see the remains of the war such as bullet whols in the walls!

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Dave Fox
Friday, June 21, 2013 at 01:44

Great blog, looks like a really fun trip, I am sure Mr. Fox was the best rider !
Pat Cunningham
Sunday, June 9, 2013 at 16:46

great trip with the best of people with great guides
Sunday, June 9, 2013 at 22:31

But the ladies on the trip where the best


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