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Best of Italy Ducati (9SI1401)

Sunday, June 1, 2014 | Manuel Marabese | Europe

DAY 6. San Marino to Bologna

Yes, it's the last day. At some point it had to come. But. It's gonna be a blast. 264km of pure riding pleasure, first out of San Marino and in the surrounding hills, then on of the most famous mountain pass among motorcyclists from Florence and Bologna: passo del Muraglione. Piadina or focaccia lunch there, and more hairpins and sweepers across Mugello, passo del Giogo and passo della Raticosa.

Last curves of the tour... Bologna is right down there, just a few km down the hills... But we don't wanna hit the main road, no, we keep riding trough some one lane paths trough the forest just behind the historical center, and suddenly we are there!

It has been quite a fantastic tour: a great group of strong riders, plenty of tasty Italian food, a great MotoGP day ay Mugello and some of the finest town of central Italy... what can we ask more? Oh yes, a perfect glass of Chianti or Brunello in company of amazing fellows! Thank you everyone for such a trip!

DAY 5. Assisi to San Marino

Another day of stunning Appennini roads, charming villages like Cortona and two special highlights: Tavullia, the hometown of Valentino "The Doctor" Rossi (who was there just half an hour before we came!) and nearby Coriano, hometown of another great rider that has sadly met the fatal faith too early, when he died in that terrible accident in Sepang three years ago. Now there is a museum dedicated to his life and all the profit goes to a foundation to help children. It's a very emotional moment in our day...

But let's start with a morning group shot in Assisi, overlooking the valley towards Perugia...

Ready? Go!

Umbria is the "green lung" of Italy: endless forests and fields on its hills.

Let's have a coffee in one of the most scenic town of Tuscany: Cortona!

Konstantin, a great help for us tour guides: he has volunteered to be the sweeper for the whole tour, wearing the yellow west to improve visibility at the back of the group.. thanks a lot!! Very appreciated!!

The seaside! Panoramic views over Pesaro... now San Marino is getting closer...

And here it is, the "Rocca" of San Marino, oldest republic of the world (still existing), called "The ancient land of freedom"... 

DAY 4. From Siena to Assisi

Gentle green hills, cypresses alined on top, golden fields... Picture perfect panorama views in the middle of Crete Senesi (clay hills). Today we ride about 235km, and after each curve there is another postcard. Once again, Tuscany is delightful...

After a coffee & sightseeign stop in Montepulciano (famous also for the Rosso Nobile wine) we head towards lake Trasimeno, where we have a tasty lunch served by Lorenza at the restaurant "Il Capriccio". It seems that the food never ends... typical Italian style! After the serie of antipasti, pasta or gnocchetti, arrosto it's time for desserts, cherries from the tree in the garden and finally a well deserved (or necessary) espresso!

Mark posing for us with lake Trasimeno in the background. Our destination Assisi in on the other side, already in Umbria region.

Enjoying aperitivo on the terrace of Giotto Hotel in Assisi, what a marvellous way to celebrate a great ride!

San Francis  Cathedral: it was partly destroyed during the earthquake in 1997 but it has been perfectly restored.

A stroll around the little medieval streets of Assisi surrounded by 800 years old stone houses is the perfect way to prepare ourselves for dinner...

DAY 3. From Florence to Siena: under the Tuscan sun

Yesterday night gathering up on the rooftop terrace of the hotel Astoria and have the last drink chatting about the race have been quite an experience... look at that view...

And then. good morning everyone! Briefing time: today we ride trough an Italian classic: Chianti region towards Siena.

Just few minutes after you leave Florence the Tuscan hills dominate the landscape...

Lunch at "Il Pestello", a favourite among locals for its tasty cuisine with traditional ingredients like wild boar ragout and truffle tagliatelle... yummy!

Not many km on our route today because we want to arrive early enough to have the chance to spend valuable time in Siena, one of the prettiest town in Italy and world famous for its singular square "Il Campo", shaped like a shell. Here every year there is an old and important horse race: the Palio!

According to the legend, Siena has been founded by Senious, son of Remus, founder of Rome. Therefore the "Lupa" (mother wolf) is present here as well...

DAY 2. Moto GP at Mugello

What a day!! Today the ride is very short, just 40km to reach the Mugello race track and as soon as get there the excitement explodes. Dozens of thousands people around the various entrances, "prato" (field) or the grandstands, ready yo cheer for these incredible riders!

We get there on time for the start of Moto 3, walking down trough the Ducati Village after we have left our bikes and our gear safely stored at the Ducati special parking area.

It's quite a bit red around here... and at the end of the day our face and arms are more red too! The sun is strong today...

Putting on the new Ducati Tshirts received with the welcome packet...

And this is the very fancy "Ducatista sheik version"...

Alan asking for directions... (???)

More sheiks down here...

Playing with white and red cards...

Bye bye Mugello from Manuel and Alan... it's been a great day!!

Florence is right in front of us... in the back you can spot the dome of the Duomo.


With the courtesy of Bob Peterson we can publish some of his majestic Canon shots:

DAY 1. Bologna to Florence

Bologna, famous for its old university founded in 1088 AD, for the medieval towers, for the tortellini and… for its motor tradition! Ducati was in fact born here! That seems quite a good reason to start another fantastic Edelweiss motorcycle tour across some of the finest regions of the peninsula. Starting in Emilia-Romagna, we will soon enter Tuscany and then Umbria and San Marino, not really a region but a country itself (actually the oldest republic of the world).

A great group from US, Russia, UK and Canada and will be accompanied by the Italian tour guides Manuel and Alan for an unforgettable riding week!

Let’s start our Testastretta engines and go to the Ducati Museum: the whole history of this racing bike is awaiting us! Afterwards it’s time to hit some narrow roads (someone called them “goat trails”) across Appennini Mountains. Tuscan hills are getting closer… and soon we reach Florence, the birthplace of Renaissance.

The camaraderie has already reached quite a good level, and it’s only the first day! So many more moments are about to come… tomorrow it’s MotoGP day, and we are of course heading to Mugello for the race!

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Mike Snyder
Tuesday, June 17, 2014 at 22:59

Great tour...great group! Thanks to Alan and Manuel. Now I'm in the market for a Multistrada...Pikes Peak please!
Chip Colwell
Sunday, June 8, 2014 at 19:15

Great tour! Thanks for everything!
Gina Kapfhaemr
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 22:47

Beautiful views and weather! Have fun and eat a lot Dave Black yum yum!
Chris Black
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 15:15

Truly an epic ride. Really happy that you decided to do this. Wish i was a rider as well and could come along. Maybe I can find something similar with cars... Safe Travels!
Alan Magnoni
Monday, June 2, 2014 at 23:00

yeahhh, great tour ....
ed you have to come over again!! i wanna do another tour with you!!!
greetings from siena, we`re having fun!!
all good here ...
Ed Buelsing
Monday, June 2, 2014 at 20:36

That is such a great tour with two awesome tour guides. Wish I was there.
Monday, June 2, 2014 at 07:18

Hey boys
Saw the race on tv - thrilling!!
Enjoy "good tuscan food"
Have fun


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