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Best of Europe 1403

Monday, July 14, 2014 | Ursula Peter | Europe

 The Best of Europe - 5 of the most beautiful countries in Europe - is on a run. We have an international group of riders: 1 Australian, 4 Canadians, 2 Brazilians, 10 Americans and 3 German tourguides. A lot of excitement is waiting for us -  follow us on the blog!

The bikes are loaded. What a great time - thanks everybody for beeing with us. Hope to see you again maybe in Tuscany!!!!!

Take care - Ursula, Axel, Ramon

S S D T  

7. Riding Day: Warth (Austria) - Erding (Germany)

Another gorgeous day starts.  The Canadians - James and Sharon, Victor and Wanda

The best sweeper ever!!!

Hey Mike - we turn it on right now!!!

Look! Up there! Is it a bird? No, it's Neuschwanstein castle!

Neuschwanstein castle in the morning mist - sounds romantic (but actually it is a bad picture )

Linderhof - one of the 3 castles of our crazy Bavarian king Ludwig II.

 The first air condition in Germany

Last supper back in Erding. Everybody happy, all in one piece - what more can you expect?

Vic, Jay, Charlene, Mike, Diane, Leo, Sharon & Wanda

Debby, Richard, Mike, Mike & Cindy

Jeff & Ramon

6. Riding Day: Schaffhausen (Switzerland) - Warth (Austria)

We are leaving Switzerland but not before having a beautiful ride through the Canton of Appenzell and a stop at the Lake of Constance. Beautiful weather - lets go!! But slowly - we are in Switzerland for a while.

The old wooden bridge of Deissenhofen

Lake Constance. Mike, Diane, Jeff & Robert enjoying the cool morning

Coffee stop in Hemberg high above the rolling hills of Appenzell

It`s mine - and I won`t share.....

The Harleys arrived shortly after.

We took the cable car up to the Säntis. The mountain tried to hide in the clouds, but if you were patient, some good views were waiting.

You better trust Swiss cable-car engineering...

Chris, enjoying being in the clouds with his feet on the ground (for a change...)

Lunch in and above the clouds.

After leaving Switzerland the good riding started again. We crossed the Rhine Valley and up the "Furka Joch" we went - what a ride!

All in one view: Liechtenstein as seen from Switzerland

Sharon & Wanda with the still secret prototype of next years standard bike for all Edelweiss tours.

Debby, Chris, Usrula, Mike and Cindy happy at the Furkajoch

They can`t wait to get married - I wish you it will last for ever!!!

Harleys rolling in

The Harley riders happy to have made it to the top (it is a narrow road...)

Last not least - Hochtannberg Pass - just before our Hotel Jägeralpe in Warth.

Mike said: "That was the best experience of my life outside the bedroom"

Hotel Jägeralpe at sunset

The new bar of the Hotel Jägeralpe - a perfect place to end a day.  These "Long Island Ice Tea" tastes fabulous.

Half of the Hotel  fell asleep with the giggling of these two girls in the background

5. Riding Day: Ribeauvillé (France) - Schaffhausen (Switzerland) - the land of milk and money

Rich and Debby - the girl on the RT - getting ready

Michael and Charlene

Mr. "turn it off", Cindy and Victor

Jeff - he can`t wait to go

We are going back to Germany`s Black Forest. A small winding road brings us up the "Kandel"

What a view and what a perfect riding weather...

...and perfect paragliding conditions

Hexenlochmühle in the Black Forest is the place for a Black Forest Cake....

and for buying cookoo clocks

"Rothaus" brewery, 1000m above sea level, no other brewery in Germany is located at a higher altitude.

Richard and Mike

Mike and Cindy

A short stop for gas before we cross the Swiss border. Speed limits everywhere - 50, 60, 70 sometimes 80km/h for a short time. Take it easy guys and enjoy the beautiful landscape!!

...and last not least - the Rhinefall near Schaffhausen (Switzerland)

Ursula and "her" group

Ramon and the Harley group

Robert arrives at the hotel in Schaffhausen...

... and Jeff, looking somewhat happy...

... Mike, Mike & Cindy and Debby bringing up the rear.

At last, Ramon and the Harley riders...

... are able to enjoy a boot beer in Schaffhausen.

4. Riding Day: Restday in Ribeauville

Germany won!!!!!!!!!!! 1:0 - what a thrilling game even the Canadian next door screamed and celebrated with us!  

Ok let`s go riding! The mountains waiting for us.

After a bit of  initial rain we were provided with several hours of dry roads and sunshine which made for incredible driving through the twisted roads and mountains similar to an amusement park

Leo on his Harley! Sorry there was no time for more pictures!!

A stork is going for a walk in Ribeauville.

3. Riding Day: Heidelberg - Ribeauvillé (France)   

Soccer World Championship final today:  Germany : Argentina

We started in pouring rain in Heidelberg. but the weather soon changed to bright sunshine, mountain views were incredible, the rays of the sun poking through the canopy of the Black Forest.

Stop for an Italian icecream before going to France! Leo and Diane appreciating that....

Arriving at Hotel de la Tour in Ribeauville after a good day riding. In 3 hours the football final starts - go Germany go.....

14th of July - the French getting ready for the celebration of Bastille Day.

And tonight will be the next fireworks!!

2. Riding Day: Rothenburg - Heidelberg

James and Sharon - this guy can ride a Harley - holly molly!!!

Axel tries to heard his cats

Marly and Ramon - they are a bit excited. Tonight Brazil is playing against the Netherlands for the 3rd place in the football world championship


A guided tour in the monastery of Schöntal.

Ramon is arriving with his group at the picnic spot in Möckmühl

Axel pulled in 5 minutes later - real Edelweiss timing

A welcome drink for everybody...

...and some local food in the middle of nature next to the river Jagst - awesome food yumm, yumm

a five star meal prepared by one of the guides - no reservations required.

Ursula presenting warm "Leberkäs", meat loaf, German style.

Alcohol free social.... prost!!!

Smiles from all - the best group so far!!!

The castle of Heidelberg

Dinner in the oldest hotel in town "Zum Ritter St. Georg": Cindy, Mike, Mike; Richard and Deborah.

Axel, Victor and Wanda

Leo, Diane, Charlene and Mike

Ramon, Marla and Chris

They  are already excited. The game will start in an hour

The illumination to the Castle of Heidelberg and an awesome firework from the bridge - re-enacting the destruction of the castle in the 18th century by French troops - a perfect ending to a fantastic day.

1. Riding Day:  Erding (Munich) - Rothenburg

Ahead of the morning briefing everybody is busy copying the map and preparing routes

Chris from Australia tries to figure out today's route - he has to ride on the other side of the road. We`ll keep an eye on him.

Outside Munich our ride starts with winding roads through the "Hallertau" one of the largest hops growing area in Europe. Hops is needed for brewing beer. 1.339 different breweries in Germany - 632 of the breweries are in Bavaria.

After lunch in Eichstätt we enter the region of the Altmühl valley, the well known Sollnhofner lime stone preserved a lot of fossils. Here is the place where they found the famous "Archaeopteryx" the first feathered animal.

Dinkelsbühl - one of the well known medieval cities along the Romantic Road - is a good place for an ice cream before we continue to Rothenburg.

Market place in Rothenburg - an open-air  concert of the "Ambassadors of Music" from Wisconsin at no cost.

Already after the first day Chris has embraced the local culture and custom

The night watchman`s guided city tour in Rothenburg gave us an idea what life was like in medieval times. He was a enthusiastic communicator with many stories to tell always keeping us laughing and enjoying the tour

Rothenburg at sun set

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Mike & Cindy Benjamin
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 13:52

Hello all! What a great adventure we had with all of you. After traveling the many curves of Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria, riding in the United States will never be the same again...200km's! Ursula, my heart is still pounding from following you through Austria. Our wedding is in 10 days and traveling with Edelweiss was the perfect beginning of a wonderful life.
We will see you soon in Tuscany! For now...ssdd.
All the best.
Mike and Cindy
BMW 1600 GTL
Thursday, July 24, 2014 at 23:27

Hi Mike, hi Cindy,
I wish you all the best for your wedding. You promised to send me a picture - don`t forget.
Mike - there is much more out there, you will get crazy - believe me.
Tuscany starts end of september - come on - you don`t have to harvest almonds, you are free!!!!
A big hug to all the other guys - have a great party and keep in touch.
Hope to see you soon ... s s d t
Mike Benjamin
Friday, August 22, 2014 at 02:46

Did you get our message/photos? I will have all the others posted for the group in a few weeks. I blew up my computer with all the photos Cindy took as we rode through the most beautiful countries....
ps. Cindy says... keep out of Switzerland!!!!
Friday, August 22, 2014 at 15:36

Hi you honeymooners,
Be sure I will keep out of beloved switzerland, the kand of milk and money...
No, i didn't get any picture
But I would like to -my email
Just in case
Hope you had a great wedding. Regards to all your farmer friends
Stay in touch
Jeff Martin
Friday, July 18, 2014 at 09:29

This was a wonderful tour in every respect! The roads were great, the views were spectacular and the guides were terrific! My Triumph performed like a champ! I enjoyed making new friends and sharing fun times on the motorcycles. I will start looking for my next Edelweiss tour and hope to see my new friends on an upcoming ride. If you are ever in the Washington DC area please contact me and I would love to be your host. Jeff
Ramon and Marly
Tuesday, July 15, 2014 at 22:38

Fantastic group of people! Great ridings! Awesome spots! But we have bad news (and more work) for the guides: the picnic was so good that we are going to suggest to have more and more! "Obrigado" (thanks)!
Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 19:05

Ramon, I really hope that our boss doesn`t read that.
Robert Spicer (BOE1402)
Tuesday, July 15, 2014 at 21:20

Hallo Ursula, sounds like you are having another great trip. I think a couple of the Canadians on your trip maybe from Nova Scotia. Good game on Sunday I bet you were excited when Goetze scored!! Yahoo glad Germany won. Wish I was still motorcycling around Europe, it's beautiful there, all the best. Robert
Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 19:04

Hi Robert
nice to hear from you. Don`t be jealous, but we got a wonderful group again, good riders, good talks and a lot to laugh.
The 2 couples are from Nova Scotia. We watched the game!!!! What a thriller. The Canadians screamed like us. It was so exciting I couldn`t sleep nearly the whole night long. Have you seen anything about the party in Berlin? Amazing!! We also have a Brasilian couple on the tour - you know we won 7:1. All the Brasilians supported Germany because they don`t like the Argentinian so much.
So all good - tomorrow we are going back to Munich.
Keep in touch, regards to your brother and everybody else.


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