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Best Of Europe 1503

Sunday, July 12, 2015 | Pablo Piferrer | Europe

Day Seven: Warth to Erding

Last day of the tour, but certainly not to be a dull one. We rode to Linderhof, where we saw Ludwig's favourite palace and enjoyed a quick bite. It is the last day of the tour, but certainly not a dull one. Beautiful roads and amazing weather, made this an unforgetable ride.

Tours start and end, we meet amazing people, and share wonderful moments in the most beautiful and breathtaking places in the world.


It was great fun riding with you guys. May we ride again in the not so distant future.

Morning briefing is about to start in the beautiful Warth.
Morning Coffee in Heterwanger see
They beat us to it!
Map of Linderhof
The Palace itself
Mary getting ready for a farewell dinner
There were drinks before... and after
We certainly had a lot of fun together
David, gicing a speach
We had a second birthday, to Chuck!

Day Six: Schaffhousen - Warth

The beautiful roads towards Warth, take us for a short moment next to lake constance and straight to Schwägalp, where the temperatures were cooler and the views unique. 

Tony on his pass between Germany and Switzerland.
Amazing view, this, is a coffee break on our way to Schwägalp
Donna enjoying the wonderful temperature and a coffee
Lunch in Schwägalp/Säntis
With it's breathtaking views
And they get better and better.

Day Five: Ribeauvillé - Schaffhousen

After a rest day, we were back on the road, this time taking on the second half of the tour towards Switzerland, but, since it was so much fun the first time, why not go again through.... the black forest! 

Hexenlochmuhle. Beautiful spot for a little rest and the best black forest cake
The real deal, Schwarzwald kuchen (black forest cake)
We had a second picnic, this time, prepared by Pablo.
David preparing the cake, for...
Vib's Birthday!!
Relaxing after the picnic... certainly
Trust me, like herding cats!!
Schaffhausen Rhine falls
The blue Van and David after while tidying up after a BOOT BEER!
Dinner in Schaffhousen

Days Three and Four: Heidelberg - Ribeauvillé and rest day

We left Heidelberg and we made our way though the beautiful roads of the Black Forest to France, the picturesque town of Ribeauvillé, where we stayed for 2 days.


Yaman and Gonca before leaving Heidelberg.
Relaxing in Mummelsee after a beautiful ride through Schwarzwaldhochstrasse.
Arrival at Ribeauvillé, it was beer o'clock and we needed to cool down.
TONY!! I really like this picture. Getting everyone organised for a group picture was soooo hard!!
Trying the local delicacies.
Escargot anyone?!
Dinner at "Au Cheval Noir"
Oliver briefing before the beautiful rest day ride through the local hills.
Quick stop for Coffee
Peter and Pablo enjoying a beer, chatting about travel and bikes... what else?!
Mary taking pictures of everyone, before the fireworks.
Celebrating Bastille day! We had a second day with fireworks!

Day Two: Rothenburg - Heidelberg

Beautiful ride to Heidelberg, We have nice windy roads and some amazing coffee stops. Plus, a surprise for lunch!

Getting ready to Leave Rothenburg ob der Tauber.
Peter, the New Zealander with a British accent. Awesome guy!
Andrew, Kim and Scotty enjoying a coffe stop.
Mary and Donna enjoying a see saw.
Group picture after a wonderful picnic prepared by Oliver. It was soooo good!!
Night in Heidelberg, there were fireworks!!

Arrival and Day One

And so, the Best of Europe starts! All the bikes lined up and clean, and all the riders eager to taste what Europe has to offer. Seven ridding days await us and the weather so far, is looking good

Everybody listening to Oliver and David. Important information given for the next couple of days during the welcome briefing on arrival day.
First coffee stop, breaking the ice is easy with these guys! Feels like a very lively and fun group from the beginning.
Lucy, Tony and Kim!
Great candid shot of Charles. Lucy is an amazing photographer.
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Yaman & Gonca (Istanbul)
Sunday, July 19, 2015 at 22:12

Dear Pablo, thank you for the great photos! It was a fantastic tour with you, David, Oliver and the wonderful new friends that we made from all over the world. We enjoyed every minute of it and believe that there could be no better way to see the breathtaking sceneries of central Europe. My riding abilities improved greatly thanks to selection of great routes, curvy roads and the assistance of experienced guides and friends. Hope to join you at another tour.
Sunday, July 19, 2015 at 22:00

Thank you Pablo, Oliver and David.
An unforgetable riding, amazing places and full of fun. Friendship was the number one though! Thank you everyone...Leyla and I will never forget you all. Safe ridings!
Friday, July 17, 2015 at 21:43

Great photos Pablo (aka Andrew, Lucy, Peter...) I'm now in Paris lamenting the loss of 2 wheels and great roads. A really huge thanks to everyone, you were all fantastic - I learnt so much and not all of it related to riding bikes! Although I'm fairly certain that I'm now a better rider as result of hitching in behind and studying your moves intently, so ta for that


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