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Sunday, August 30, 2015 | Robert Stoll | News

FAAKER SEE  (Lake Faak) AUSTRIA!!!!!     CAN YOU HEAR IT??!!............., there is a storm approaching......  listen carefully..the sound you hear is distant THUNDER.....it is rumbling closer. It is delivered not by nature,   but by HARLEY-DAVIDSON V-Twin power!!!  Arriving by (mostly) European Harley riders!!    It is that time of year again,  this place is gearing up for the 18th Annual EUROPEAN BIKE WEEK.    It runs from (officially) September 8 to the 13th...   Now, I am here super early for a couple days....just checking things out before I come back in 10 days to enjoy the rally with some fellow HARLEY riders that will accompany me.  It is NOT just Harley riders that attend the event,  ANY ONE on ANY type of bike is certainly welcome.......  Motorcyclists are just cool like that.   Certainly the majority of riders are on the American Iron.  As I ride around the area,,,, checking out its amazing beauty, venturing into near by Slovenia, touring the gorgeous Triglav National Park, diving back into Austria to ride Nockalm Road......  an amazing pass with 52 switchbacks.......    I hear the rumbling.....  there are already quite a few Harley riders here.   I also here the clanking of steel on steel....as tents are being set up around the lake to house the various venders, bars, and food outlets that will cater to the over 100.00 folks that will attend the event.    One can feel the electricity in the air, the anticipation of something that is truly a first class event.   There will be a blog when Edelweiss rolls back through here,,,,no worries about that....this is just a teaser.....so, if it is too late to join us for this tour in 2015.....perhaps you should consider 2016!!  This is the 3rd time for me coming to attend the event......TRUST me...there are some rallies that are only worth  going to ONCE in a lifetime.....this one desereves to be visited annually.....come for the great rides, stay for the party!!   "SCREW IT, LET'S RIDE"

"HARLEY VILLAGE" under construction...these tents will mostly be occupied by Harley Dealrships from across Europe.....
this area truly embraces this event........
Triglav National Park, Slovenia
Nocklam Road....
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