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Alps Extreme (4A1505)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 | Manuel Reheis / Anthony Fairweather | Europe


It has been a hilarious tour! Great riders, outstanding personalities, stunning team! Together we went through one of the best riding areas in the world - the Tyrol of 1918!!! Couldn't be better. We've had one of the best times in the Alps - hoping it was the first time and not the last.... THANK YOU!!!

Congratulation to everyone! - you conquered one of the most technical roads in the world!!!

warmest greetings from Tony...
...and Manu. Hope to see you soon...

And don't forget: Always with the rubber side down!



riding day six - Toblach to Innsbruck

Bittersweet symphony: Last riding day and (too) bad weather on Großglockner. So we made the best of it and had a fantastic ride back to Austria. Staller Sattel, Felbertauern and Gerlos made us swing the hips... Great final ride

morning mood in Toblach -WOW!!!!!!!!
Green! Let's do Staller Sattel...
...and get back to Austria!
Coffee stop in Defreggen valley
won the award "photo bomber of the tour": Randy aka Old Man Smith
lunch-stop @ "Walder Kirchstub'n" in Wald im Pinzgau
good mood @ Tratzberg castle near Schwaz
Lee's proper Alps-playtoy
Yes, that's a real car! At least in Europe. At least in my opinion... WHATEVER!
It's mine, it's fun, it's yellow... Only dead fish go with the stream...
tour-analyzing at Ramada's hotel bar

riding day five - Levio Terme to Toblach

Although the weather forecast said liquid sunshine everbody was in a good mood. Dolomite's day! Passo del Manghen, Passo Rolle, Passo di Cereda, Forcella Aurine, Passo Duran, Forcella Staulanza, Passo di Giau, Passo Tre Croci, Col Sant'Angelo... Countless turns and twists, endless fun. And right at the end: an awesome Panorama Hotel in Toblach. The rain-gears kept the clouds away - another day in paradise...

Jack on the way up to Passo del Manghen... the rest
"Ham Solo" giving his best!
safety tip: avoid cow-shit on the foot peg... it's f****** slippery!!!
dramatic scenery on Passo Rolle...
time to get dressed funny, right Kenneth?...
...right Jack?...
..right Doc? Oh, busy with dropping the camera...
beautiful Italian outback
Passo di Giau at it's best...
...dramatic cloud-scenery...
...twisty dry roads...
...happy riders...
...crazy people
high-spirited boot-beer in Toblach
(I saw your photo bombing "Cpt. Meatcap"! Just wait...)
Lee beside his favourite sign: hairpins

riding day four - "rest"day

No packing the bike. No daily briefing. Just riding. Some of us spent their rest day with following a 8-shaped riding-loop from and to Levico Terme. Coffee stop @ Lago di Garda, Lunch @ Lago di Idro, riding fast and low @ Lago di Ledro. That's the way a rest day has to be...

coffee stop in Riva...
...with view on Lago di Garda...
...and nice galleries
Peter and Danielle (Ristorante Holland) and their team...
(NOT the shifty people in the middle!)
...provided a wonderful lunch
(well boys: I TOLD you to take the liver instead of the pussy-pasta)
even spare bike can be found here!
tired Mac almost @ the end of the day

riding day three - Monto Penegal to Levico Terme

In the morning we went down to Passo della Mendola, a nice twisty road led us down to Bolzana. We went through a 430°-turning-tunnel heading towards north. Just touching Merano we rode up Passo delle Palade. Lunch stop at Lago di Molveno, awesome ride up to Monte Bondone and the world's second best  Apfelstrudel... What a day!!!

easy going during a coffee stop...
...@ Gasthaus Tomanegger in... somewhere
happy Roger @ Passo delle Palade...
...and an outstanding view on Lago di Molveno
the road up to Monte Bondone...
...and an Apfelstrudel tasting like Tony's mum's made almost everybody happy... least Michael...
...and Lee...
...Stephen and Tony...
David (aka Eva) even enjoyed gasing up
(by the way: last snapshot before Manu's camera "died" )
Lee, Jordan and Tony with their deserved happy-rider-beer

riding day two - Fiss to Penegal

What a day! Everything went well, we had great weather to bolster our spirits as we charged into Italy. Great riding and THE challange - Passo dello Stelvio - were waiting for us...

romantic scenery...
...@ lake Reschen
group picture
Saeed and Stephen @ coffee stop in Glurns...
...where we met our "old" friend Axel
well... uhh... no comment!
finally! Passo dello Stelvio (9.064ft)! One of the greatest challenges in the Alps. 48 hairpins means a lot of work...
Mark and David did very well... did Lee!
brave Tony on his even braver 700GS
Bruno supported us with the world's best Alpine-sausage-burger...
mmmhhh. yummy.
days like these make tourguides happy
the best about passo Stelvio: there are also a lot of hairpins on the way down...
Manu, Lee and Saeed after peak victory
..that's fun. Isn't it Jordan???
Passo di Gàvia was even better...
... we went up like this...
...which made us high-spirited
photo art and © by Randy
always keep your visor closed, Doc Brown!
satisfied riders @ panorma hotel Penegal...
...with an stunning view on Bolzano.

riding day one - Innsbruck to Fiss

Murphy strikes!!! The first riding day seemed to be not the best. Closed roads because of a bicycle race, several breakdowns, a couple of U-turns... It just can get better!!!

Beside that it was a wonderful day with awesome sceneries and delicious riding.

a beautiful rear can also endear
Stephen in front of the Dorfstadl in Kühtai...
...on 6.687ft altitude...
...where we had the second best Apfelstrudel on tour.
May and Richard enjoying the day
Michael and Jordan conquering the first hairpins - well done boys!
basic Austrian mountain-bike @ nature park house Kaunergrat
basic Austrian mountain-cow @... well, almost everywhere
rush hour @ toll station Kaunertal
romantic Tyrolean agricultur-work
the four magnificant seven on top of Kaunertal-road
chance "helmet to helmet meet" with Viktoria
beautiful view on Gepatsch reservoir

USA rocks the Alps

18 brave riders - all from USA!!! - showed up in Innsbruck to conquer the Austrian and Italian Alps. Guided by Tony and Manu (AUT) six days and 1.800km of technical riding are waiting for us...

Alps, we're coming...


USA rocks Tyrol (well: the Tyrol of 1918)
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Sunday, February 14, 2016 at 03:07

Tony, riding with you and the gang last summer was some of the best riding in my life! Looking forward to doing it again! Peter, Al, and I from the Alps Extreme tour are thinking about New Zealand
Rich Schultz
Wednesday, October 14, 2015 at 00:08

Looking good Tony! Keep on riding and leading those tours my friend.
Viktoria Neuner
Thursday, September 3, 2015 at 15:15

Great pictures
... awesome helmet to helmet meet in the Kauner-valley! Vicky
Lee Randolph
Monday, September 7, 2015 at 11:06

It absolutely was!!!
Thursday, September 3, 2015 at 12:24

Hey there! Oh lucky you look at all that sunshine Your pictures look awesome enjoy the rest of the tour!
Karin + Office Team


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