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Tour of the Pyrenees PYT1603

Monday, October 3, 2016 | Domenico Schiano Moriello / Pierre Baumgärtner | Europe

Day 7, Mollo to Casteldelfels

Unfortunately, it is already the last riding day. The weather will be beautiful and we will leave the Pyrenees today and hit the beautiful coastal line north of Barcelona, the famous Costa Brava. We will ride the panoramic road between Sant Feliu de Guíxols and Lloret de Mar, taste a a typicl lunch in Tossa de Mar and then hit the highway to avoid the traffic of the big city!

Last morning briefing and Donna is stuying exactly the route of today , while Bevan is checking whether all is ok...
Franz, as always the first is already preparing his bike for the last days ride...
as well as Pierre the Tourguide is getting ready to ride.
and last good bye Kiss of a Pyrenees shepard dog for Liz, and then we are going to leave the Pyrenees... unfortunatly.
Enjoying the last curves before......
before arriving to the famous Costa Brava
Group picture before going to lunch..... typically quite hungry because lunch is served around 2.00 pm
First shells fishermen style " Mejillones a la Marinera"... and Liz could´not resist....
As well as Donna and Bevan could not wait...
2 Paellas, and 1 Fideua ( with noodles) were served and it tasted so yummmmy
and Bevan worked hard to get his lobster cracked.....
Unfortunatley the journey went by far too fast and we would like to thank you for these wonderful 7 days ridning together from Spain - via Andorra - to France and back to Spain. It was really a pleasure riding with you, Donna, Liz, Todd, Mariano, Valentin, Franz, David, Bevan. Hope to see you somewhere again. Un abrazo fuerte y hasta luego, Pierre y Domenico

Day 6, Carcassonne to Mollo

After a wonderful afternoon in Carcassonne, today we went back to the Pyrenees and back to Spain. Today's ride started under a cloudy sky and some rain, however very soon the sun came out and the temperature was getting quite hot. 300 km of curvy roads and a nice picnic in the Gorges the Galamous made our day!

First Coffee Stop in Rennes de Therme
Interesting Café with quite a crazy Garden / Terrace
while Liz was chilling outside enjoying the sun
In the other side of the street was a free Exhibition of Mandalas which we of course visited.
After the coffee stop and after other hundreds of curves with almost no traffic, we reached the "Gorges de Galamus" a spectacular canyon we were expected the by Tourguide Domenico who prepared the famous Edelweiss Picnic.
Happy Mariano at the border France/Spain at the Col Arles

Day 5, Carcassonne Rest Day

Today we went for a ride through the hills and valleys north of Carcassonne! Great roads, some more open, some really tiny and hidden, took us to Minerve, one of the most beautiful villages of France, and then back to Carcassone by lunch time, so we also had time to explore this wonderful medieval town!

first picture just outside Carcassonne
Mariano on the way to Minerve
coffee and chocolate break
some impressions of Minerve
a view of Minerve

Day 4, Solsona - Carcassonne

One day – three different countries – that’s Europe! In the morning we were still in Spain for a last café con leche, then we reached Andorra, the small country that is basically a huge shopping mall in the middle of the Pyrenees. What a traffic there! After that, France welcomed us with the nice village of Ax Les Thermes, and the wonderful tiny and curvy road of the Col de Pailheres. Another break in Quillan and we were ready to reach Carcassonne, but not very early... today a little bit of action was part of the game!

first picture stop just a few miles outside Solsona
a visit to Motocard in Andorra is almost a must for us bikers!
Liz reaching the Col de Pailheres
This cow did not like us and wanted no pictures!
In the meantime, our luggage arrived safely in Carcassonne, ready be shuttled quickly to the Hotel inside of the fortress.
dinner in Carcassonne

Day 3, rest day Solsona

What a stunning ride today through the western Pyrenees! Perfect weather, beautiful curvy roads with perfect asphalt, nice towns... what else could we ask? Enjoy the pictures!

on the Col de Boixols
group picture
coffee break at "Miami"
ordering coffee
some riding!
David, our Car sweeper
Lunch in Sort
on the way to La Seu d'Urgell
the gothic cathedral of La Seu d'Urgell
Solsona by night

Day 2, Cartelldefels - Solsona

Leaving Castelldefels on nice backcountry roads, we approached this day's highlight, the most famous place in Catalunya, the mountain range and monastery of Montserrat. Sweeping back roads wind up into the bizarre rock formations of Catalonia’s holy mountain, but unfortunately a few tour buses were going the same way! After that, we continued through the Pyrenean foothills, the area around the impressive castle of the dukes of Cardona, where we had lunch, enjoying beautiful views over the salt mines of “Montana de Sal”. Our destination was just a few kilometres from Cardona, but we managed to ride on hidden and beautiful side roads to digest a bit!

Montserrat (behind the clouds)...
The “sawed mountain” which reaches up to 4,000 ft., makes a magnificent setting for Catalonia's holiest location, the monastery of Montserrat. Surrounded by chapels and eremite caves, it dates
back to the 9th century. After Napoleon's troops destroyed it in 1811, the main complex was rebuilt in 1844. Under Franco it was a bastion of the Catalonian resistance. Today the monastery is inhabited by monks of the Benedictine order.
Inside the main church, where hundreds of people line up to see the famous Virgin of Montserrat, Patron Saint of Catalonia. It is one of the black Madonnas of Europe, hence its familiar Catalan name, la Moreneta.
Liz, Todd and Donna
The Muntanya de Sal in Cardona, the salt mine that gave wealth to this town.
on the castle of Cardona
and here we are, all the group having lunch. Counterclockwise, Mariano and Valentin from Argentina, Franz from Switzerland, David from Australia, Liz and Todd from the USA, Bevan and Donna from Australia. I (from Italy) am missing from this picture because I was behind the camera... and Pierre (from Germany) because he was driving the van today. A very international group!
some riding...
Bevan was maybe missing some off-road, so he decided to "taste" the mud in a ditch!
Donna and Liz, our brave lady riders!

Day 1, Welcome to Castelldefels (Barcelona)!

Another great Edelweiss tour is about to begin, we are going to explore the region of the Pyrenees mountain range, the natural border between Spain and France. Two countries (well three, including Andorra), beautuful towns and landscapes, different cultures, tasty food but above all perfect riding! Follow us!

everything ready!
welcome briefing
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Saturday, October 1, 2016 at 12:21

Looks like a great ride!
Lizzy needs to quit assaulting the cows! LOL

Kathie and I have been following you adventures via this blog and we're very appreciative that Edelweiss keeps us up to date with your ride.

Have fun and be safe!
Ursula Peter
Thursday, September 29, 2016 at 23:36

Dome, domandi la donna con i capelli bionde di Australia che mi conosce? Penso siamo stati nel tour di Toscana? Tutto bene da noi?
Baci Ursula
Sunday, October 2, 2016 at 19:11

Hi Ursula! Nice to hear from you. Of course I remember our Tuscany tour - it was great. This one was also great - we did a lot of amazing riding and ate a lot of great food. I'm not sure who is better at picnics though - you or Domenico
Domenico Schiano
Saturday, October 1, 2016 at 09:48

Ciao Ursula, Donna ti manda tanti saluti e dice che è impossibile non ricordarsi di te! Qui tutto bene, e da voi? Un abbraccio dai Pirenei!


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