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SPT16093 - Sardinia Riding Experience

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 | Thomas Hölzl / Andreas Fetzer | Europe

Pirelli Sardinia Ride Experice 2016!
A great tour on an incredibly beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea!
Thanks to all participants for these great days and we (Andreas and Thomas) hope that we will see again in 2017!
The last kilometers - take us to the southern end of Sardinia!
On the third and last day of our Sardinia tour, the Italian island does not tempt with its charms!
Day three also had 25 kilometers of unpaved roads for us!
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Without words
Life can be so beautiful!
A perfect day on the most beautiful streets of Sardinines, on super bikes (BMW 1200GS and Ducati Multistrada), perfect weather and finally a cool beer!
Andreas gives his best to open the bootbear.
A welcome refreshment after a long driving day!
On Edelweiß tours not only motorbikes are driven !!!!
Gelati in October! Sardinia really has a lot to offer!
Guests from Belgium love and enjoy it!
There is nothing to say - just fantastic!
Luigi - the group leader of this Pirelli special tour! A Sicilian who is fascinated by the beauty of Sardinia!
Tourguide Selfie
Torre dei Corsari!
On the coast of Sardinia there are 2000 such towers! They were built for defense. This one around 1600 by the Catalans.
The west coast of Sardinia is great! At each stop the mobile phone is moved and photos are taken!
The streets were great! The food, of course, too!
Coffee break at sunny 25 degrees.
In these conditions motorcycling is just fun!
Tourguide Andreas laughs and looks forward to the next kilometers,
A short break after 40 kilometers without even a straight line!
Sardinia offers everything!
Dreamlike landscapes - you feel almost like in the Southern Alps - and culture!
The start of an extraordinary driving day!
14 from Pirelli invited guests from Holland and Belgium who are looking forward to test the latest tire technology.
The Welcome Briefing!
For many of our guests from Holland and Belgium nothing new since they were already on tour with Pirelli and Edelweiss!

Washing was announced - 3 hours of hard work and the motorcycles were like new!


On our arrival in Sardinia Saharasand was in the air! Brought from Africa by the Scirocco Wind...After a night with rain, the bikes looked like this!

Sardinia with its beautiful landscape and fantastic roads, will make sure in the next three days that we will not get bored.  Pirelli Benelux is with customers here to undergo the latest Metzler road tire an in-depth test! So - Let's have fun!



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