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Adventure Altiplano October 2016

Monday, December 5, 2016 | Milan Haase | North and South America

Riding through the Atacama Desert! and Geyser del Tatio at sunrise! Cold/ dark start- but well worth it!
leaving Salta, Argentina heading for Purmamarca. We managed to find another "off the beaten path" road... and it was worth it- again! And another roadside "picnic coffee break"
"rest" day with this group means going for a hike up a local hill! 1065 steps to the top of Cerro San Bernardo in Salta, Argentina- a great little city!
Rafael and Ghislaine are having a great time!! She told me so...
Road of Death- Bolivia. Yup, it's real...
Rafael enjoying his first day!! ....and who wouldn't....?
The road from Uyuni to Potosi is fantastic!! NO TRAFFIC and made for motorcycles... Found some "abandonded" hot springs. Adventure trips are nothing without a little exploration!!
Then we went to the Uyuni Salt Flats- largest in the world. It's like being on another planet!! Simply amazing...
on the "Road of Death".... So Awesome!! We had some rain- which made it interesting, but we made it out alive! (thanks goodness- that wouldn't look good on my resume....)
We took a little different route on day one. And what a great route it was!! Small towns, no traffic and even some off road!
Amazing views by Lago Chungara- on the Bolivian boarder
Visiting and swimming in some desert hot springs! - By Putre
Off into the Atacama desert!
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