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HAT170A: High Alpine Thailand

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 | Anthony Fairweather / David Hien | Europe

Day 6: Au to Erding 

It's our last day on the road as we set out for our last pass of of the trip, the Hochtannbergpass! Crossing from the province of Vorarlberg into Tirol we take our time enjoying the fantastic scenery in the West of Austria. Descending down the mountain we soon cross the border back into Bavaria and follow small, hidden roads along the Isar valley, then swing north towards Munich. A quick blast on the motorway takes us around the city and back to Erding,  the final destination of this tour.

Tayuth in the mountains
The bikes, our faithful companions on this fantastic tour.
A still life of helmet, jacket and lake.

Day 6: Pontresina to Au

It's a cold but beautiful morning as we set out for our ride through the Swiss Alps. We cross the Albula pass before heading north towards the border with Lichtenstein,  where Tour Guide Tony has prepared a traditional Edelweiss picnic. Soon after we have ridden the entire length of the principality of Lichtenstein and crossed back into Austria. We spend the afternoon playing on the fantastic Furkajoch and finally arrive in Au,  our stop for the night. 

Day 4: Bolzano to Pontresina 

It's our last day in Italy as we head out of Bolzano and towards Glurns, the smallest town in Italy. Here we stop for coffee and marvel at this beautifully preserved medieval city before crossing the border into Switzerland.  Having reached the top of the Ofenpass we brake for a proper Swiss Alpine lunch,  then cross the border back into Italy.  A twisty mountain road drops us into the center of Bormio and another coffee break,  after which we carry on back into Switzerland and towards Pontresina, our stop for the night. 

Getting ready to go.
Clear skies (sort of) ahead.

Day 3: Rest Day in Bolzano 

In true Edelweiss style we spend our rest day on our bikes. Heading West we ride the excellent Passo Mendola and climb to the top of Monte Penegal for one of the best views of the trip. We spend the afternoon variously wandering the beautiful old town centre of Bolzano or enjoying the cool air high up above Bolzano as we take the cable car up to the Ritten mountain. 

We're on top of the world! (At least, this part of it)

Day 2: Lienz to Bolzano

Today it's all about the Dolomites as we cross them East to West. The craggy limestone peaks are covered in clouds as ride over a greatest hits list of passes such as the Falzarego and Gardena. The skies clear a little as we reach the Brenner valley and there is clear blue sky ahead as we reach the top of the last pass of the day,  the Penser Joch. From here we enjoy a fantastic ride through the picturesque Sarn valley all the way into Bozen, our home for the next two nights.

Welcome to Italy!
A real Italian coffee to start the day is a must on this tour.
A Duc and the Dolomites, a perfect match.
This is why we ride. Welcome to the Alps!

Day 1: Erding to Lienz

We set out on our first day of our High Alpine Thailand Tour in beautiful sunshine and clear skies. The first few miles take us towards the Chiemsee, the biggest lake in Bavaria, and then over the border to Austria. After a relaxing lunch we head further south towards the highlight of the day, the fantastic Grossglockner High Alpine Road where we enjoy the first of many switchbacks to come and visit the Pasterze glacier, high up on the Grossglockner mountain. 

The last few miles of the day take us towards Liens, the capital of East Tyrol and our stop for the night. 

Ready to go!
Sunshine in Bavaria, life doesn't get much better than this.
Welcome to the Alps!
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Viktoria Neuner
Thursday, June 8, 2017 at 10:37

Looks good! Have fun and ride safely Vicky


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