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Cuba: el clasico 2018 (CKU1801)

Friday, January 26, 2018 | Manuel Marabese | North and South America

Day 5: Rest day in Trinidad 

Who said that a motorcyclist has to ride every day? When you have a tropical beach with caribbean sea just a few step from your room? And what about adding some colorful sightseeing in this ultra charming colonial town known as Trinidad?

So we decided to give the bikes a break (those suspensions are saying thank you for that) and enjoy a laid back beach morning, followed by a guided city tour with our local Cuban guide. Trinidad has so many fascinating corners that is hard to choose what to portrait in a photo... 

Day 4: Cienfuegos - Trinidad 

What a wonderful ride today! Much shorter than yesterday but full of highlights. After a morning ride across some steep up and down in the Sierra de Escambray we reached El Nicho, THE idyllic natural spot of Cuba. Gorgeous waterfalls creating pools to bathe and refresh in the shade of the rain forest. Simply dreamy. A lunch surrounded by lush vegetation and then we traversed entirely the Sierra over topes de collantes. The colonial town of Trinidad and its golden beach will be our destination for today and also tomorrow. Let's enjoy some mojitos at the beach resort... 

Day 3: Las Terrazas - Cienfuegos 

After some tropical rain during the night we wake up among very atmospheric fog, which disappears as soon as we ride our iron horses out of the forest. The ride brings us through tranquil countryside life and old American cars alternate with younger horse carts. For lunch we stop at the bay of pigs, enjoying lopster (and crocodile for the temerarious ones) at the Caribbean side of Cuba.

Cienfuegos and its charming architecture is warmly welcoming us for tonight, with a dinner in the moorish-style Palacio del Valle. 

Day 2: Viñales - Las Terrazas 

The morning starts with some good blue sky and the further we move in the day... The hotter and sunnier it becomes. We spend a laid back morning strolling around Viñales and its surroundings, visiting an authentic tobacco plantation, learning how important is this plant for Cuban economy. Later on we hit a curvy backcountry road towards Pinar del Rio, where we have a relaxed lunch in a garden restaurant. 

In the afternoon we move back towards Las Terrazas, spending our night amidst tropical lush vegetation. 

Day 1: Havana - Viñales 

Bienvenido! Edelweiss riding year begins in the Caribbean.. With two tours running around the island. Our journey is the classic one, including the western part of Cuba, reaching the green "mogotes" (karst formations covered with vegetation) of Viñales. 

We started with a leisurely ride along the north coast, entering then the protected park of Las Terrazas where we had a very relaxed lunch along the quiet river, followed by some curves&potholes along the carretera norte. 

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Claudia Wenhart
Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 21:31

Hey Manu,
super nice pictures. Looks like a good trip. Have fun and enjoy it.
Grüße aus dem grauen Deutschland.

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