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Best of Europe BOE1801 - back in Erding!

Sunday, May 20, 2018 | Marko Bauer / Mike Woltering | Europe

Steve, Cindy and Robert on Hochtannberg-Pass

We‘re back - after an incredible week in Germany, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria, we have finally reached Erding again! The final day brought more gorgeous scenery, more palaces and castles - and more great memories! Hochtannberg-Pass, Lech valley, Neuschwanstein and Linderhof, the brewery in Aying, another very heavy rain shower...

With lots of new impressions our wonderful tour with new friends ended - thanks everybody for an unforgettable week, hopefully we meet again!

And finally: Happy birthday, Robert!

Steve, Cindy and Robert at Plansee
Steve, Cindy and Robert in front of Linderhof Palace - the cranes are not from King Ludwig‘s days

Leaving amazing Switzerland today and heading right to the home country of Edelweiss Bike Travel which is as we all know Principality of Lichtenstein. Ah no, wait... you are right, it’s Austria!!! But Lichtenstein was the 4th out of 5 different countries we’ve been in on this fantastic trip.

What a view here at Lake Constance with this fantastic crew!
Isn’t this romantic? Cindy and Steve in a little heart frame in front of Säntis
Steve climbing up the stairs to the top of Säntis at 2501m
From up here you can see up to six different countries assumed the weather is fine and there are no clouds.
Luckily our bike where still on the parking when we took the cable car back down.
There it is, Lichtenstein! What a beauty this view is!

Three countries were on the schedule today! In the morning we left the beautiful villages of the French Vosges mountains behind us. But after crossing the German border it didn’t take long before we climbed up again. We were back in the twisty motorcycle paradise called Black Forest - and this time we tried the worldfamous cake with the same name - awesome!

Some closed roads and a delightful picnic later, we turned our bikes north for a little detour to the Touratech factory and store - shopping-time for GS riders!

The final highlight was the Rhine waterfall in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, a beautiful and scenic masterpiece of nature!

Picnic on the Best of Europe tour!
EBT... this is how we role
Cindy, Steve and Robert at the „Hexenlochmühle“
Shopping time!
Robert, Steve and Cindy in front of the Rhine Fall
Cindy, Robert and Steve at the Mummel-Lake
In case Steve gets bored of his retirement his chances are good to find a new job here in Schaffhausen. Teaching the waitress some new „napkin-origami“

When in Rome.... ehm France we enjoyed our restday at its best. While some of the group enjoyed the gorgeous town of Ribeavillé, had a wine tasting and relaxed in the hot tub, two others went out for a ride. Not even the rain was able to stop them from exploring the beautiful curvy roads of the Vosges. But that’s not all... maybe you go and see for yourself?!



What a great Castle the Haut-Kœnigsbourg is, surrounded by the mysterious fog!
Nice little wine barrel next to the kitchen of the castle.
Wow, what a dining room!
What a labyrinth of German and French trenches from the 1st world war here at Collet du Linge.
Luckily Robert found his way out of it.
One selfie a day keeps the doctor away here at Lac Blanc with Robert

France, here we come! In the morning we left the marvelous town of Heidelberg behind us and headed South. After a (very) fast excursion on the German Autobahn, we reached the Black Forest. Countless curves on excellent roads waited for us... We had some traditional food at the Mummelsee and then we all decided to go for the optional route - which added 70km and 700 curves! Eventually we reached the river Rhine, which is also the French border. From here it was only a few more miles to Ribeauvillé, our medieval destination for the next two nights!

Robert, Cindy and Steve at the French border
Steve and Cindy in Ribeauvillé

Day 2 on which we left Rothenburg towards Heidelberg was all about romantic. We rode some beautiful romantic roads, visited several romantic castles and ended up in one of the most beautiful and romantic hotels in Heidelberg!!! What a great day...

Steve admiring the inner part of the Schöntal abbey
Thanks to Marko we were able to enjoy one of the famous Edelweiss Picknicks!
What a beautiful view down from the Hirschhorn castle over the river Neckar.
Robert and Cindy are getting the cannon ready, you better don’t mess with them.
Getting ready to listen to some great story’s of our hotel with a glass of champagne after we finished riding for today.
Heading out to explore beautiful Heidelberg with its castle before having dinner in the centre.
Visiting the Schöntal Abbey

The first "Best Of Europe Tour" 2018 is on its way to explore Germany, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. We started our tour on a beautiful and sunny Sunday morning just outside of Bavaria's capital, Munich. Our first stop was in the area where the hops is grown, one of the most important ingredients of the Bavarian beer!

Eichstätt, the seat of Germany's only Catholic university, was next on the schedule, and we decided to have lunch overlooking the gorgeous city within the walls of the almost 800 years old Willibaldsburg.

The brand new K1600GTL had a few heat issues, so unfortunately we had to change our afternoon plan a little bit.

But in the late afternoon we all made it to Rothenburg, one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Germany. The replacement for the K is already on the way while I am writing this blog, and we had the time to have a great dinner, followed by an interesting tour through the old roads of Rothenburg at sunset!

Robert, Cindy and Stephen in the Hops-Region
Cindy on tour with Rothenburg's night-watchman
Robert, Stephen and Cindy in Rothenburg
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Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 05:59

Good job on the Panorama from Hirschhorn castle Mike!
Mike Woltering
Sunday, May 27, 2018 at 21:13

Thanks Robert, had a great teacher
Perry Cogburn
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 21:16

Happy guiding Mike! Don't get lost and end up in a very long tunnel. Ha!
Mike Woltering
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 21:37

Hehe, thanks Perry! Won’t happen again, for sure


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