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Sardinia-Back to the roots!

Sunday, May 27, 2018 | Malcolm Brunelli / Jürgen Leitner | Europe / Italy

1° DAY: Arrival in Sant'Antonio di Gallura

The tour has started!

Our really nice brazilian friends arrived at the beautiful Hotel Valkarana at the Liscia Lake.

The Tourguides Malcolm and Juergen presented themselves and the great tour we have ahead of us!

Let  the fun begin!

2° DAY: From Sant`Antonio di Gallura and back! 245 km



Cafe stop in Paifu (Cafe Central)
First Highlight: Roccia del Elephante
Nice view from the Castel Doria down to Castelsardo
On Top of the Castel at Castelsardo
Suzin found a new friend
Second Highlight at the Nuraghe place close to Arzachena

3° DAY: Sant'Antonio di Gallura to Guspini



The Gang went from S. Antonio over the Central Mountains (Barbagia Belvi) to Guspini  about 320 km

1st Groupfoto at Valkarana Hotel
Bruno wondering what happend to the sign!
The group after some really curvy road! Barbagia is full of curves, without traffic!!!

4° DAY Guspini to Guspini


The Gang went from Guspini along the beautiful west coast of sardinia south to the Penninsula (Sant Antioco) to Cagliari (BMW) and back to Guspini

sunny day on a lovely beach at Masua (Scoglio Pan di Zucchero)
Our Brasilian Customers feel like they are in Rio de Janeiro. At the back the Pan di Zucchero
wonderful dinner with fresh regional fish at Sant Antioco
Special Stop at BMW
Suzin Plays Playstation (Gran Turismo) at BMW
Bruno fell in love!!!

5°DAY from Guspini to Dorgali over Gennargentu Monti

Crossing the wonderful Island over the Gennargentu Mountains along the spectacular Road (Serri-Lannusei with red Asphalt) from Mandas to Tortolio. Continuing the Ride over the Scala Punta Mana Mountain-Pass! Next Stop, an awesome and very special Fotostop with the Best view down to the Bay of Cala Gonone.

hidden Fotostopp with the best view over the Bay of Cala Gonone
the Brasilian Customers with lots of Love
Beach of Cala Gonone
Boot Beer after a long and wonderful Day
Boot Beer in front of the Garage (Bikerstyle)

6°Day Dorgali and back to Dorgali 

In the Morning we went to the Cave of Ispinigoli and later on over the calm and amazing Area of parco geominerario and back to the Hotel were we had later a Guided Tour at the Cantina of Dorgali!

Infront of the Cave of il Ispinigoli
Insinde the Cave! Impressive!!!
just amazing
Stop at the Mount Albo (parco geominerario) with about 1100 m above Sealevel
Dinner at a very calm and Relaxing Restaurant close to Bitti
very beautiful (Bonitao)
very nice Foto from Bruno at the Dinner
extra organized guided Sightseeingtour for our lovely Customers at the Cantina in Dorgali (Vinothek)

 DAY from Dorgali to Dorgali crossing Orgosolo and Mount Ortobene

An awesome and interesting Day ,starting in Orgosolo with an interesting Story of the People who lived in this Area! Later on we were riding into the Mountains with lots of Curves! Later on we had a wonderful Stop on Top of the Mount Ortobene with an awesome view over the Supramonte Mountes.

Malcolm explains about one of the more than 120 painting (Murales) in Orgosolo
one of the most famous Painting (Murales) in Orgosolo
Machissimo! on top of the Mount Ortobene. At the back the Supramonte Mountains with the small Village Oliena which we crossed at the beginnig of the Day.
enjoying drinks at the Terasse at the Dorgali Hotel before the Champions League Final
Dinner and watching the Champ. League Final!

8° and last Riding DAY from Dorgali back to the First Hotel (Valkarana) at Sant Antonio di Gallura

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