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The Atlantic Mountains Extreme - new year new tour

Saturday, February 9, 2019 | Peter Kuhn | Europe

Welcome to the Canarys

Back home to Tenerife after a firework of curves a beautiful tour come to a happy end

a scenery morning ride to Cruze de Tejeda start our last day
before we jumped on the ferry and jused the time to fix were we have been
the view down to Guimar at Barranco Guimar with a happy Vlad
Iris and Hans with our decent in the back
Grsnt and John after the first part of thr Tf-28
Rune looks also very happy
a look back on the already gone way
the real street coffe in Granadilla
sharing emotians and impressions
the last filling up always a strange moment good by

Gran Canaria - one riding day fullfills all wishes

coming up throug green gardens and windy roads
Cesar at the peak of Gran Canaria
Iris and Hans have there fun
Vlad enjoys the sun on a Lava Stone
nice Coffe in the Canaryan sun
the Barranco we rode down
and the next one we rode up again
Iris marstered the toughest part of the road - congratolations
we reached the green top of the Island with charming farms
a little bit but many curves later we got the hole view over the center of Gran Canaria
Rune enjoyed the day and still the coffe stop...
on a cosy terrace at Atenara

Welcome to Gran Canaria

welcome to a new island with an new unexpectedly view
the almond trees are blooming
Rune is coming up to Pico Bandama
Vlad and Nataly are happy about this beautiful place were we spend the night

La Gomera - Morningloop

Tenerife - Teide and the steep West End

Vlad is very happy about our morning loop becaus its way better than any coffe
a look back to the road opens the secret
Iris and Hans are having there fun too
Johe and Grant share the experiance
our photo professionals reach the meeting point in the laurel forest
and a second breakfast made the morning loop on this paradise island dream like
ready for lunch we board the ferry back to Tenerife
after a spectacular ride up on Tenerifes south side we reach the Ucanca plain in front of the majestic vulcano El Teide
we and the view over the high plain with its magma fields and forms
a few hundred curves, switchbacks and unbelievable landscapes later we reach the lovely coffe above Masca with cake, coffe and a incredible view
in our cosy Hotel we celebrate the day in Johns gatden

La Gomera - What a wounderful banana island

Happy End with a kalimar sunset
also fun for couples
bright smiles as a result of the afternoon ride
and looking forward to a delicious lunch at the beach
reaching Valle Gran Rey on the sunny west end
a smal thrill
the glas balkony of Abrante
John on the north side of the island with a great view to Vallehermoso
Claudia and Cesar with the very first highlight the road up
Layla with our first highlight of La Gomera the monument of the vulcano Roque Agando
second breakfast or time for a nap at the ferry
Our new Tour started with a beautiful sunset at the port of Los Christianos and we take the ferry to the smal but fascinating banana island of La Gomera
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Dieter Arnoth
Friday, February 8, 2019 at 16:49

Hallo Peter,

Ihr habt bestimmt eine wundervolle Tour - klasse Bilder

Liebe Grüsse und schöne Tage in der Sonne


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