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CAS1902: Riding the Pearls of the Adriatic Sea

Monday, September 30, 2019 | Anthony Fairweather / Michael Engelhard / William Wilde | Europe

Day 8: Vodice to Split

The today's route
Time for a family picture of Charles, Arielle and Ryan at the lake Visovac.
Tourguide Tony surprised us with a picnic at the spring of river Krka!
Jo enjoying the view above Split

Day 7: Rest Day in Vodice

Nikola Tesla memorial
Lunchtime stop
Great views over the Adriatic and the island of Pag... only these 2 jokers got in the way!!!!!
Great place for afternoon coffee in Starigrad

Day 6: Mostar to Vodice

Coffee time!
Roast lamb..... Only not for us
Great view over the Krka river.
Enjoying the evening on Murter island.

Day 4 - Kotor to Mostar

View over Kotor bay
Successfully over the Border
Coffee stop at Jazina club
Lunch stop at Bileca
They need rain!!

Day 3 - Dubrovnik to Kotor

Today was wet and windy - but not enough to dampen Cindy and Denny's spirits
Lunch stop at the biker bar
On the ferry from Kamenari to Lepetane.
Impressive view at the entrance to the old town of Kotor.
The cathedrale of Saint Tripun. Start of construction in the year 806.
Visiting the Maritime Museum.
A big cruising ship leaves the harbour of Kotor.

Day 2: Hvar to Dubrovnik

Daily briefing today from Michael
Ferry back to the mainland
Enjoying the view over the Baćina lakes.
Perfect spot for a group picture.
Curtis and his BMW 750 GS
It's a bit windy up here!
Ending the day the way we started it - with an impressive lookout !
Great view out over the Elafiti islands
Coughlin family photo
Our destination for today in the distance.....

Day 1: Split to Hvar

Day 1: Split to Hvar

Our first day on the road takes us along the beautiful Dalmatian coast and into the the Cetina valley. Small, twisty roads with stunning views of the Karst landscape take us south towards the seaside village of Drvenik, where we board the ferry for Hvar. The road through the centre of the island is a motorcycle dream, with grippy tarmac and sweeping turns. We arrive at our hotel in Hvar just in time to enjoy a drink in one of the many beachfront bars. All in all, a fantastic first day on the road.

Coffee stop in Cetina gorge
Ferry to Hvar
Tony makes the welcome briefing
Everyone is listening attentively!
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