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Patagonia special SPT19003

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 | Domenico Schiano Moriello | North and South America

Day 11, Finally a Rest Day!

Today no packing, so we could visit the biggest attraction in this area, the "Marble Cathedral", a national natural monument of Chile. Located in the General Carrera lake, the Marble Caves, Marble Chapel and Marble Cathedral are unusual geological formations and represent a group of caverns, columns and tunnels formed in monoliths of marble. The water of the lake eroded the marble in incredible shapes! We took the complete boat tour of around 3 hours and, after that, had lunch in Puerto Tranquilo before heading back to our lodge and relax in the afternoon... because tomorrow it's going to be a long day!

On the way to Puerto Tranquilo
Let's start the boat tour!
The water of the lake was not always so quiet... actually quite rough on the way back!
Marble caverns
The dog head
The turtle head
The marble Cathedral
The marble Chapel
Back in port
On the way back

Day 10, Coyahique - Puerto Bertrand

Another cold but (most important!) sunny morning as we left Coihaique. Back on the Carretera Austral, we headed to Villa Cierro Castillo for the coffee break and, soon after that, we said goodbye to the paved road. Wonderful landscapes, mountains, rivers and forests all around, and finally we reached the biggest lake of Chile, the Lago General Carrera. Pictures don't do justice to this place! After lunch, we cruised along the lake and reached our beautiful lodge located in the middle of nowhere... where we are going to spend the next two nights!

First photo stop
The Cerro Castillo mountain
Rio Ibañez
Rio Murta
Arrived at the lake General Carrera
Somebody didn't make it...
Arrived at destination, what a wonderful lodge!
A walk around the Hacienda Tres Lagos

Day 9, Puyuhuapi - Coyhaique

What a day! Wonderful weather (a little bit chilly in the morning!) and amazing sceneries, difficult to ask more! We left Puyuhuapi and after a few kilometres we had our first long break to see the spectacular Ventisquero Colgante glacier in the Queulat national park. Once we were there, we also went on a boat ride to give a closer look to this wonder of the Nature... so, around noon, we had only completed around 20 kilometres! Back on the road, we had to face the tricky Queulat pass, a lot of switchbacks on gravel, and then reached Villa Amengual where we had a late lunch. From there on, we cruised to Coyahique on a paved road, but the sceneries were not less spectacular!

The fjord of Puyuhuapi in the morning
First picture stop, around 100 metres after leaving the hotel!
The Ventisquero Colgante glacier
Boat ride
Facing the Queulat pass
pedestrians on the road...
The road sign we like the most
last photo stop
intersection in Coyahique

Day 8, Esquel - Puyuhuapi

We left Esquel on a very chilly but also wonderful morning of sunshine and soon reached the border to Chile, located in the middle of the Andes. After the border control, that fortunately did not take too long, we stopped in Futalefù for a coffee break and then started riding downhill (on gravel, of course) until Villa Santa Lucia. From there, the famous "Carretera Austral" took us all the way down to the little village of Puyuhuapi, but we also had time to add an extra loop in the Mirta valley. Enjoy the pictures!

A wonderful morning!
Argentina or Switzerland?
So beautiful!
Back into Chile
The Futalefù river
Catherine is the artist of the group
On the Carretera Austral
What a lovely dog
A very narrow bridge, but Matias made it!
Entering Puyuhuapi

Day 7, Bariloche - Esquel

Back on the Ruta 40, heading southwards! We could have spent the whole day on this road, but we left it by Cholila and visited the Alerces National Park, one of the most beautiful parks of Argentina! And, since it is still low season, entrance was free! Around 60 kilometres of a beautiful gravel road and fantastic sceneries! After leaving the park, a beautiful winding road took us to Esquel, where we are spending the night.

Passing through El Bolson
First coffee break with a local motorcyclist
Butch Cassidy lived here after escaping from the USA
Butch Cassidy's house
Lunch in Cholila
Entering Los Alerces National Park
Alerces trees (Patagonian cypress)
Great ride today!

Day 6, San Martin de los Andes - Bariloche

Today we spent most of the time on the famous "Ruta 40", actually on one of the most beautiful sections of this road, the "Camino de los Siete Lagos" (Road of the Seven Lakes). Many pictures stops in the morning, and we could have stopped almost at every turn before reaching Villa la Angostura, where we had lunch. From there, Bariloche (the chocolate capital of Argentina) was not too far but, before reaching the hotel, we went for a little extra loop to Llao Llao to admire the beautiful landscapes of the Nahuel Huapi lake.

First photo stop...
Second photo stop...
Future motorcyclists
Third photo stop...
The pier of Villa la Angostura, on the Nahuel Huapi lake
Again the lake
Last coffee break

Day 5, Valdivia - San Martin de los Andes

After one night in Valdivia, near the Pacific coast, today we moved towards east and crossed the
border with Argentina. We rode through beautiful Lake District near the Villarrica and the Choshuenco volcanoes until we reached the end of the road in Puerto Fuy. There we took a ferry to cross lake Pirihueico and soon, after disembarking, we reached the border to Argentina on the Hua Hum pass. A wonderful gravel road took us to San Martin de los Andes, but before that we still had time for a little detour to see the lake Lolog!

The Choshuenco volcano
Today the weather was wonderful!
Time for some good pictures in Puerto Fuy, while we were waiting for the ferry
The ferry is coming
Last kilometres in Chile
Now we know what inspired the colors of the flag of Argentina
Some action...
Dust and Gravel
San Martin de los Andes
Group picture
Lake Lolog

Day 4, Puerto Varas - Valdivia

Time to move forward in our journey, so today we left Puerto Varas and headed north. We first rode along the lake, back to the Petrohue waterfall, that we had to skip during the first ride because of the bad weather. And today finally we could spot the top of the Osorno volcano between the clouds! After a nice coffee break near lake Llanquihue, we headed to Osorno for lunch and then finally reached Valdivia in time to visit this nice town that was once the port of entrance for many german immigrants. Tomorrow we have to cross the Andes into Argentina, so now it's time to rest!

Along the way, suddenly a crack opened between the clouds and we could finally spot the snowcapped top of the Osorno volcano. So beautiful!
A friendly fox welcomed us at the Petrohue waterfall
The Petrohue waterfalls
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At the lake of "Todos los Santos"
Some gravel on the way to Valdivia (of course we did not use the highway!)
Road works...
Our hotel in Valdivia
A relaxing walk

Day 3, rest day ride to the Chiloé island

Today we rode southward to the Chiloé Island, the second biggest island of Chile. It’s home to pastoral landscapes and known for its iconic wooden churches built by Jesuit missionaries in the 17th and 18th centuries. Our first break was in Ancud for a coffee break and then we reached Castro, founded in the 16th century and therefore one of the oldest settlements of the Country. After a great lunch, it was time to head back to Puerto Varas!

On the ferry to the Chiloé island
Castro is known for its palafitte
The wooden cathedral of Castro
The isla Aucar near Quemchi
So many birds come here during the low tide!
time to board the ferry again

Day 2, Rest day ride around lake Llanquihue

Our first ride was a loop around lake Llanquihue, the second biggest lake of Chile (the whole loop was around 200 km!). The very low clouds today (and some rain too!) did not let us ammire the beautiful snowcapped Osorno and Calbuco volcanoes... but we don't give up, since we are going to spend two more nights here!

First picture stop in Frutillar
Our bikes
Lake Llanquihue
I don't know what kind of bird is that!
Coffee break in Puerto Octay
The cat did not enjoy having guests...
Lunch in Ensenada. This area is also famous for the salmons!

Day 1, Welcome to Puerto Varas - Chile

Welcome to southern Chile, to the Region of Los Lagos, and welcome to the beautiful Puerto Varas, a place where you can still feel the german influence, having been founded by german immigrants around the year 1850.
Puerto Varas is also known as the City of Roses and Volcanoes for its beautiful squares full of roses and for the volcanoes like Osorno Volcano, Calbuco, Puntiagudo and Cerro Tronador. It is nowadays one of the main tourist destinations in Chile, and it is the place we have chosen to start this tour! The group has arrived, the bikes are here... so start following us!

A view of Puerto Varas from our hotel
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Patrick Moody
Monday, October 14, 2019 at 23:19

The pics are awesome. Looks like a fabulous tour!
Domenico Schiano Moriello
Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 22:53

Thank you Patrick! Yes, this tour is amazing, and we are enjoying good weather so far... let's keep fingers crossed! Saludos de Chile!
Claudia - Nicole Wenhart
Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 21:07

Hey Domenico,
looks like a relaxed tour. Cool pictures, have fund and drive safe
Domenico Schiano Moriello
Friday, October 11, 2019 at 00:20

Ciao Claudia! Well, a tour with me is always relaxed!
Thank you for following our blog, take care and see you hopefully soon!


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