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Back in time, Cuba!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 | Pablo Piferrer | North and South America

I'd like to take this caption to thank Javier, whose help is invaluable in these tours and whom, as you know, is a brother to me. Pictures are both from him and myself.

Day 1: City tour Havana

First Cuba tour of this season is good to go! We kick off with a tour of Havana with the guys, so as to be able to get some history knowledge of this wonderful land.

Robby, Klaus and Thomas enjoying the explanations of our great German speaking guide Yoana
"Catedral de la Virgen María de la Concepción Inmaculada de la Habana" - 1777

Also known as Catedral de la Habana (Havana Cathedral)
The beautiful entrance with Thomas on his way in.
Quick stop at café Roma, the heat is already kicking in, so, need a refresher.
"Experimental Workshop" where artists from all over Cuba come to do and present their work and teach openly about the different techniques
The small streets and the history that fills them
Fire brigade "museum" has just reopened, looks beautiful and new
Robert and his trusty camera, out in every occasion
Pablo looking highly professional!
Hotel Raquel is beautiful.
Cash withdrawing is somewhat of.... an adventure
El Caballero de París
Pablo found his... "Spirit drink"
Lunch at "El Azúcar" never disappoints
The Capitol is the perfect sport to finish a beautiful tour with some great food and company

Day 2: Havana - Viñales

Everybody is excited, in a beautiful foreign land with two charming guides who love what they do, all looking forward for the days ahead and the sights to see.

A "short" ride going through Mariel, The coffee plantations, Baños de San Juan and to the beautiful Viñales Valey where the majority of Tobacco plantations are, where we shall sleep for the night... 14th of February, Valentines day (oh, it's big here).

Mogotes - Steep high hills made out of Dolomite rock, full of caves and openings with underground rivers, lots of stalagmites and stalctites 

The heat is hitting a little bit, so before we get into the shade of the western national park and the outstanding beauty of the Mogotes, we need a quick drink stop in Mariel.
Shade is always good, wear sunscreen
Pablo and Fernando
Javi and Pablo are very much into their selfies, not the last one you'll see!
Views from the coffee plantation
A quick cigarette break under a pine tree with a cool drink
Robert and Fernando
Roland, Jan and Martin chilling out
I told you! Smile!!
First fuel u.... ah, fuel!!
The breathtaking view of the Mogotes from our rooms.
Fixing Ferdi's shoe in a .... rustic way

We use what we have.

Day 3: Viñales - Havana

From Viñales we ride to Havana where we have a surpise for the gang!

Überraschung - Pablo's word for the rest of the tour

Bikes have their own parking spot reserved and watched for overnight.
Morning briefing out by the pool
Well, no battery, but.....
Cubans are amazing at making stuff out of absolutely nothing. MacGyver.... studied in Cuba
Listen to these guys, not only entertaining, but full of information.
Mural de la Prehistoria (Prehistory wall) a wall by Leovigildo González Morillo, a follower of Diego Rivera
Lunch in Pinar del Rio
Hold on, traffic!!
THIS! This is a welcoming to dinner!!
Roland's 5th tour polo, the most expensive polo he's had so far!

Day 4: Havana - Cienfuegos

From Havana we ride east towards Cienfuegos, along the "highway" towards the bay of pigs.

We have plenty of things to see, such as "the Zunzun house", the "Cave of Fish", Giron Museum and the colours of the Caribean sea.

Pablo, Martin and Jan, second tour together... it's already been 5 years since their first tour together!
Jan with the Zunzun, the Bee humming bird
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little slow-mo so you can enjoy the speed
The bay from our room in Cienfuegos

Day 5: Cienfuegos - Trinidad

Short day ride to Trinidad so we can enjoy a well deserved rest day. A short ride to El Nicho for lunch and a swim under the waterfalls, heads up, it's cold!

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Day 6: Trinidad restday

Trinidad is a picturesque, lively, busy and with great party. Our rest day here is a most needed one, the winter heat is strong and the beach is just down the road, so, a start with a city tour and a free afternoon, for those who want to ride, as always we ride!!

Everywhere you go, you'll find music. Cubans have, rhythm running through them, dancing and music, from bands to dancing schools

Day 7: Trinidad - Cayo Santa María

Long day ahead as we cross the island from South to North, and we leave behind the central mountain range.

From the south beahes, to the Cayos (ledges or small islands) and of course, we can't go past Santa Clara and not stop in the mausoleum and other monuments.

Attempt numer two (and final) to fix Ferdinands boots. 5 star job, if you ask me.
Like he didn't have anything other to do, but, that's Cubans for you, always willing to help
A clear moment to rejoice!
Asalto al tren blindado (Armoured Train monument)
We used one of the bikes for a bit of decoration

Day 8: Cayo Santa María- Remedios

Short ride to Remedios, only 60 kms and a small visit. So, since we are in such a beautiful area, why not start a little later and enjoy the morning at the beach?

A little surprise awaits for tonight in our next "hotel"

Quick group picture and a free to ride all the way to the toll station.
Don't leave your stuff unattended.... Pablo!
Typical Xmas dinner, prepared just for us!
Klaus decided, that it was worth a little swim, so, what the hell! first person to swim in there.

Day 9: Remedios - Varadero

We leave Remedios behind and make way towards varadero, it is a particulary hot day and a long one, but as everyday, full of things to see. Our first stop,  right in town, to see the Juan Bautista church right by our casa particular and straight to visit a cigar factory, unfortunatly, no pictures allowed in there.

Finca Luna is a spectacular Eco-friendly farm where 90% of what we savour is grown in house. The people are so nice and welcoming.

Day 10: Varadero - Havana

Our last riding day is here and even though we are relatively close to Havana, it still packs plenty to see, for starters the amazing views from Corleones house, where we get to enjoy a nice refreshment even if we're still close by to the hotel

Lucky guy this so called "Al"
Our farewell dinner was accompanied by great food and a lot of rain!!
A big thanks from Javi, and Pablo for this very enjoyable tour, may our paths cross somewhere in the world. Stay safe and see you soon!
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Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 19:01

beautiful photos, I would like to travel and know the wonderful provinces of that country and not fail to see the best beaches in the world that island has for each part of Cuba and of course the experience of traveling by motorcycle. A dream that will come true
Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 04:51

Wow que bellas imágenes de mi querido país; yo tenía conocimiento de este tipo de tour, debido a que había visto las motos en varias ocasiones, pero no imaginaba unas vistas tan espectaculares del tour; además de lo impresionante que se ven las motos. Realmente me encantaría tener la oportunidad de hacer un viaje como este. Es que los lugares tan impresionantes como los que tenemos en nuestra Isla hay pocos en el mundo. Sería un sueño poder realizar este tour.
Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at 11:47

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog post and being transported to Cuba, which during these times is very much appreciated.
It seems like a dream tour and Pablo and Javi must be a dream team judging by everyone's faces. Certainly looks like they all enjoyed themselves!
Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at 11:22

This is always a trip I'd love to do, especially with someone who has such vast knowledge of the history of the place and is as charismatic as Pablo who, I have no doubt, must have friends even in hell, as he always remembers everyone's name and face, and that level of care is always rewarded.
Eduardo Robles Pasquín
Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at 11:18

I love these photos!!! It's like I'm traveling with you!!!
Thanks a lot.
Roman Hoyzer
Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at 11:04

After just one evening Pablo changed from being a tour guide to being a friend. His Knowledge and Humor are a big part of the experience. Never have I ever thought of a personality having this huge impact on the experience.
With Pablo you get the feeling of traveling with your buddy in private on a never forgotten trip without missing full service of a guided tour.
Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at 02:30

working with Pablo is a pleasure for me, we always understand each other and we make the tours better and better. always although we are working 24 hours we can enjoy the routes and particularities of Cuba because we work as a great team.


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